September 22, 2014

Review about Discover Scandinavia by Florence and John Alvin

Rating: 5
Dear Bobby, Sending many, many thanks to you for helping us book this Scandinavian tour. Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand, and Geiranger all in just 11 days. Whew! We were definitely exhausted by the end of it, but it was all worth it. I actually had to find better shoes during our free time in Oslo because of all the walking. Not your fault by any means, I just should have packed better. I got a nasty blister after the first couple of days, but I was able to find some new tennies and was good to go after that. The fjords were gorgeous and I have so many photos, I think I went a bit overboard! The food for me was hard to adjust to at first (very salty) but most of the time it was delicious. Our hotels were always clean and centrally located. The locals in each place were very welcoming, too. Thanks again for helping us plan such a nice trip to Scandinavia, Bobby. Florence and John Alvin
Florence and John Alvin

Review of Discover Scandinavia

Go on an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, visit the Tivoli Gardens, go on guided tours of Copenhagen and Oslo, see a panorama tour of Bergen which will include a ride on the Bergen Funicular to Mt. Fløien. Get a chance to ride on the famous Flåm Railway and go on a cruise to see the amazing Sogn Fjord, Nærøy Fjord, and Geiranger Fjord. Ride in an open car to the Briksdal Glacier, go on an escorted Scandinavia tour and much, much more! This 11 day tour will show you sights unlike anything you've ever seen before. Travel Scandinavia with Nordic Saga Tours for an unforgettable journey!