Iceland and Greenland Tours

Some of you have undoubtedly already realized this yourself, but we feel it would be helpful to share the below experiences with you.

Availability is scarce, especially in the summer! We would always recommend early planning - our July departures can sell out as early as February!
Flight prices are fluid - the later you book, they higher the flight price may be!
We don't operate 'last minute deals.' It wouldn't be fair to our clients who book well in advance.
DIY planning on the internet is rarely a cheaper way to travel to Greenland. We have been working in the Arctic region for more than 30 years - let us help you get the best possible quote for your trip.

Discover Iceland and Greenland Tour
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Travel on Iceland's ring road and discover stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes. Continue your discovery tour to Ilulissat in West Greenland, a breathtaking location with huge icebergs, unspoiled wilderness, glittering glaciers, large whales and the exciting mix of authentic Intuit culture. Max 40 people in Iceland and small group in Greenland
14 days
13 nights
May 25, 2017 - Jun 08, 2017 
Jun 02, 2017 - Jun 15, 2017 
Jun 09, 2017 - Jun 22, 2017 
Jun 16, 2017 - Jun 29, 2017 
Jun 23, 2017 - Jul 06, 2017 
Jun 30, 2017 - Jul 13, 2017 
Jul 07, 2017 - Jul 20, 2017 
Jul 14, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017 
Jul 21, 2017 - Aug 03, 2017 
Jul 28, 2017 - Aug 10, 2017 
Aug 04, 2017 - Aug 17, 2017 
Aug 11, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017 
Aug 18, 2017 - Aug 31, 2017 
Aug 25, 2017 - Sep 07, 2017 
Sep 01, 2017 - Sep 14, 2017 
Grand Tour of South Greenland
Small group
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This tour of South Greenland introduces you to the remote land of ridged mountains, green pastures, glaciers and ice fjords and takes you around South Greenland’s ‘Golden Triangle’ covering the history of Greenland, its unique ways and traditions, day-to-day Greenlandic lifestyle, spectacular scenery and breathtaking views.
8 days
7 nights
Jul 06, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017 every Thursday
Jun 17, 2017 - Aug 19, 2017 every Saturday
Kingdom of Glaciers - West Greenland Tour
Small group
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Greenland tour of Ilulissat Icefjord listed on UNESCO World Heritage, the most popular tourist destination in Greenland. The town of Ilulissat is beautifully situated at the mouth of this fjord filled with enormous icebergs. Experience the glacial beauty of this area with walking tours and a boat tour.
6 days
5 nights
Jun 23, 2017 - Jun 28, 2017 
Jul 07, 2017 - Jul 12, 2017 
Jul 14, 2017 - Jul 19, 2017 
Jul 21, 2017 - Jul 26, 2017 
Aug 04, 2017 - Aug 09, 2017 
Aug 11, 2017 - Aug 16, 2017 
Visit Greenland:  Sculpture and Ice Package
Small group
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Short break including 1 overnight in Narsarsuaq and 3 nights in Qaqortoq. This tour gives you ample opportunity to explore everything Greenland has to offer: daily life in the Arctic, azure blue fjords with sculptural icebergs, explore Viking history and visit Viking ruins. Our guides will be on hand to help you get the most out of your trip!
5 days
4 nights
Jun 20, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017 every Tuesday
Jul 29, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017 every Saturday
Greenland Package: Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq
Small group
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This Greenland tour combines two of the most fascinating destinations in West Greenland. Ilulissat, the town of the Icebergs and the wildlife area of Kangerlussuaq. It is a superb way to get a real feel of Arctic life and nature.
7 days
6 nights
Jul 15, 2017 - Aug 19, 2017 every Saturday
Greenland Travel: Nature and History of Narsarsuag
Small group
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Welcome to Narsarsuaq, a gateway to South Greenland! Historic sites from the Viking Age, the Inland Ice Cap, fertile mountains with sheep farms, deep blue fjords with multi-coloured icebergs and calving glaciers all around – and all of this within short range of your hotel.
4 days
3 nights
Aug 02, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017 every Wednesday
Jun 17, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017 every Saturday
Travel to Greenland Capital Nuuk
Small group
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Nuuk is the capital of Greenland with the population of approx.16.000 people, the northernmost capital world set amidst beautiful fjords. The whales come in close in the summer and can be seen from the shore. Nuuk has a contemporary feel with shopping and good restaurants but also strong links to old Inuit traditions.
5 days
4 nights
Jun 08, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017 every Thursday
Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -