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Norwegian Fjords & Orkney Isles

9 days
8 nights




Per Person in USD:
$ 1,275.00 (cat I: Inside Cabin)
$ 1,410.00 (cat H: Inside Cabin)
$ 1,470.00 (cat F: Outside Cabin)
$ 1,545.00 (cat E: Outside Cabin)
$ 1,605.00 (cat D: Outside Cabin)
$ 1,815.00 (cat C: Superior Outside Cabin)
$ 1,875.00 (cat B: Superior Outside Cabin)
$ 2,280.00 (cat A: Superior Outside Cabin)
$ 2,280.00 (cat M: Single Inside Cabin)
$ 2,700.00 (cat JS: Junior Suite)
$ 2,775.00 (cat DS: Superior Junior Suite)
$ 2,970.00 (cat TS: Terrace Balcony Suite)
$ 3,000.00 (cat BS: Balcony Suite)
$ 3,540.00 (cat SS: Superior Suite)
$ 3,660.00 (cat K: Single Outside Cabin)
$ 3,855.00 (cat J: Superior Single Cabin)
$ 4,050.00 (cat MS: Marquee Suite)
$ 4,125.00 (cat JB: Single Balcony Suite)
$ 4,695.00 (cat PS: Premier Suite)
$ 5,475.00 (cat OW: Owner's Suite)


Jul 15, 2016 - Jul 23, 2016 

Ships & Cabins:


Accommodations in your choice of cabin
Diverse entertainment program featuring guest speakers and performers, arts and craft lessons
Yoga, Pilates and other fitness activities
Exquisite meals and dining experience
Complimentary room service for breakfast and snacks


Day 1  : Embarkation in Glasgow, UK

Glasgow - Scotland's largest city - offers vibrant culture, an abundance of attractions and fantastic shopping. No wonder it's one of Britain's most visited and most sought-after cities.
A former 'European City of Culture' and host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Glasgow - voted the world's friendliest city - is one of Britain's most popular and interesting cities, offering arguably the U.K.'s best shopping outside of London, vibrant nightlife, stunning architecture and a diverse array of attractions including world-renowed museums, fascinating art galleries and unique exhibitions.
During your stay in the city you'll also be perfectly placed to embark on trips to the incredible national parks and mesmerising lochs of the Scottish Highlands and join our tours toCowal and Dunoon to witness the unique atmosphere and sea of kilts and bagpipes at the annual Highland Games in August.

Day 2  : Day at Sea

Day 3  : Day at Sea


The charming village of Olden is set amongst green meadows – ablaze with colourful flowers throughout the summer – and babbling brooks meandering between pretty houses. It’s the gateway to the famous Briksdal glacier arm, which is set between tumbling waterfalls and high peaks.
At its eastern end, the magnificent Nordfjord divides into three arms beneath the glaciers of the Jostedalsbreen, and Olden sits at the beginning of the southernmost of these arms. Olden is utterly delightful, a charming village set in green meadows which are ablaze with colourful flowers throughout the summer, and through which babbling brooks meander between pretty houses.
In the centre of the village is the Old Church, built in 1759 on the site of a 14th century stave church: the timber was used for the pew doors and doorposts. Near the church is the Singerheimen, the former home of William Singer the millionaire founder of the sewing-machine company. He was a gifted amateur artist, and some of his paintings of the Olden area can be seen in his workshop.
The beautiful Oldedalen Valley extends for 12 miles behind Olden and is an absolute joy to explore. Flanked by huge, near-vertical cliffs and sparkling glaciers, the views the valley offers are a sight to behold. On a adventure through the valley you will also spot the spectacular Lokenfossen Waterfall, one of the most incredible natural wonders in the Nordfjord. Olden is also perfectly placed for tours to the astonishing Briksdal Glacier.

The Nordfjord is one of Norway's longest and most picturesque fjords, with the stunning Jostedalsbreen Glacier and Stadhavet Ocean located at either end.

Cruise alongside Hornelen and marvel at the highest sea cliff in Europe. 
A scenic cruise alongside Hornelen with Fred. Olsen offers you the opportunity to get closer to Europe's highest sea cliff. Gliding gently through some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on earth you'll stand in awe as you gaze upwards toward the summit of this incredible landmark.


Flåm is a tiny village on the banks of the Aurlandsfjord, one of the branches of the beautiful Sognefjord – the longest and deepest fjord in Europe. The setting is utterly spectacular.
A stroll along the waterside, past orchards and hamlets, cottages and farmland, helps to explain why this area is so enduringly popular with visitors. Back in the village, the pretty church with its traditionally decorated walls, is one of the oldest in Norway.
In recent years the Flåm Railway has become a major attraction. Finished in 1944, it climbs over 20km and almost a thousand metres through magnificent scenery, in and out of mountains, past waterfalls and ravines, pausing at the beautiful Kjosfossen waterfall - where water crashes 225 metres down the side of the cliffs - for a photo opportunity. Down in the village, the Flåmsbana Museum tells the story of the railway’s design and construction.
Flåm is also perfectly placed if you wish to explore Naeroyfjord – An UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. The fjord can be explored via boat trips and kayaking tours. The sights and sounds of the fjord are incredible and not to be missed.

Cruise along the Nærøyfjord (Naeroyfjord), a fjord rated by National Geographic as the world's number one natural heritage site. 
The Nærøyfjord (Naeroyfjord) has been rated by National Geographic as the world's number one natural heritage site and is rumoured to be the inspiration for the snowy scenes in the hit Disney movie Frozen. The fjord is 18 kilometres long and only 500 metres wide at its narrowest point and the passage through it is one of the most dramatic in Europe. As your cruise through this stunning part of the world you'll see snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and charming traditional farms that cling to the vast hillsides.


The Hanseatic city of Bergen has many attractions, including the UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, with its colourful timbered houses and cobbled streets; a vibrant fish market; and the Troldhaugen Museum, the former home of Norway's most famous composer, Edvard Grieg.
Bergen was one of the great Hanseatic ports, and this maritime heritage is recalled by the 900-year-old Bryggen Wharf, with its splendid museum. The wharf is a delight to explore: its narrow streets climb away from the waterfront, lined by interesting shops, colourful half-timbered houses and cobbled stairways, with alleyways and tiny open spaces that beg to be explored. In summer months every spare corner seems to be filled with pots and containers overflowing with colourful flowers that fill the air with perfume.
Bergen is framed by seven magnificent hills, the highest of which can be reached by a funicular railway. From the top there are spectacular views down to the harbourside, where cafés, bars and restaurants welcome visitors from around the world. Bergen was the home of Norway’s most famous composer, Edvard Grieg, and the Troldhaugen is a museum devoted to his life and work, including an exhibition centre, shop and café.


Ancient echoes of Christian, Nordic and Celtic history resonate here in the capital of the Orkney Islands.
Kirkwall feels more Scandinavian than Scottish: in fact the name comes from the Norse for “Church Bay”. The church in question is the 11th century Church of Saint Olaf of Norway. St Magnus Cathedral in the town was founded in memory of Saint Magnus Erlendsson by the Norseman Earl (later Saint) Rögnvald Kali.
The Cathedral has been restored over recent years and the work is still continuing. It’s well worth visiting, as are the nearby ruins of the former Bishop’s Palace, dating from the middle of the 12th century, and Earl’s Palace, said to have been the finest Renaissance building in Scotland. Kirkwall has two excellent museums as well: Tankerness House, a beautifully preserved 16th century town-house, has historic collections of major importance; while the Orkney Wireless Museum has comprehensive displays about the history of radio.

Day 8  : Day at Sea

Day 9  : Disembarkation in Glasgow

Disembarkation in Glasgow, UK