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Antarctic Circle Expedition

15 days
14 nights




$ 7,395.00 (double occupancy)


Jan 26, 2018 - Feb 09, 2018 
Feb 09, 2018 - Feb 23, 2018 

Ships & Cabins:


Day 1  : Ushuaia

Ushuaia is where the Andes meet the Southern Ocean. It is a busy port and adventure hub with steep streets and architectural diversity below the snow-capped Martial Range.

Day 2  : Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is the stretch of ocean between the south tip of South America, also known as Cape Horn or Tierra del Fuego, part of Chile, and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. On the way across the passage and towards “the ice” (as it’s often referred to by our expedition leaders) you can learn a great deal about Antarctica’s natural wonders and fascinating history.

Day 3  : Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is famous for some of the roughest and most unforgiving waters of the world. This is where two oceans meet; sailors say that it’s either the Drake Lake or the Drake Shake.

Day 4  : Antarctica

The Antarctic continent is an endless white wilderness full of overwhelming vistas of nature and wildlife. On this special trip, we plan to cross the Antarctic Circle at latitude 66° 33’ 39’’. We will go ashore several places and offer activities like hiking, kayak trips and snowshoeing. You might even have the chance to spend a night ashore in a tent. Witness what the winter-locked landscape of Antarctica looks like in summer and set foot where few have gone before you.

Visiting the South Shetland Islands is definitely worth looking forward to. Deception Island, Half Moon Island and Yankee Harbour all have a diverse landscape, amazing animal life and spectacular photo opportunities. The narrow Errera Channel offers a spectacular passage to and from Cuverville Island. Neko Harbour is feeding ground for shy minke whales. Paradise Harbour offers another rare opportunity for a mainland landing and some of the finest vistas of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Lemaire Channel is known as one of the most beautiful passages in Antarctica and Petermann Island is a great place for iceberg and whale spotting. On the British base Port Lockroy you get a peek into life on an Antarctic base in the 1950s. Wilhelmina Bay is feeding ground for whales and seals, and was a preferred hunting ground for whalers back in the days. Evidence of this is a partially submerged wreck of a Norwegian whaling ship. We might take a closer look at the wreck from our Polarcirkel boats.

The 48 km (30 mi) Antarctic Sound is home to an estimated half million adélie penguins as well as gentoo penguins, leopard seals, and killer whales. On Brown Bluff we might land and take a walk along the beach admiring the lava “bombs” from the old volcano and all the penguins. There is also the chance to walk to the viewpoint above the landing site. On Detaille Island we find the former geology and meteorology "Base W" of the British Antarctic Survey. On Horseshoe Island we’ll see an important example of a relatively unaltered and completely equipped British scientific research station of the 1950s.

Day 5  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 6  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 7  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 8  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 9  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 10  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 11  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 12  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 13  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica.

Day 14  : Drake Passage

After nine unforgettable days in Antarctica, MS Fram takes us safely back across the famous Drake Passage.

Day 15  : Drake Passage

The sailing from the Antarctic Peninsula to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina is roughly 40 hours in good weather. During the voyage north, we will continue our lecture series and recap our experiences of Antarctica.

Day 16  : Ushuaia

Your voyage ends in Ushuaia. Join an optional excursion to Lake Escondido prior to your flight back home or extend your stay and fly to Buenos Aires for one of our optional post programs.