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Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

18 days
17 nights




$ 7,730.00 (double occupancy)


Dec 17, 2017 - Jan 03, 2018 
Jan 02, 2018 - Jan 19, 2018 

Ships & Cabins:


Day 1  : Santiago de Chile, Chile

After arriving in Santiago de Chile, you can explore the city before spending the night at a hotel.

Day 2  : Santiago de Chile and Punta Arenas

Today our flight takes you to Punta Arenas, and we will have a welcome-on-board dinner.

Day 3  : Chilean fjords

Today we will sail past the small island called Isla Tucker. It is famous for its colony of Magellanic penguins, birds, dolphins, and sea lions. The captain and his crew show their navigation skills as we sail through the narrow Canal Gabriel.

Day 4  : Chilean fjords

Gazing will be your favorite activity when we reach the Chilean fjords. They are extremely deep, and surrounded by very high mountains. You might not see a single person on shore, just endless wilderness. In one of the fjords we take our small boats out for a closer look at the nature and the wildlife.

Day 5  : Chilean fjords and Cape Horn

When ranking all the mythical places on Earth, Cape Horn is high on the list. Before the Panama Canal, seafarers had to pass this infamous, rocky island in order to cross from one side of the Americas to the other. If the weather is favorable we will go ashore on Cape Horn, however, this area is known for high seas and challenging conditions. On one of the voyages, this day will be Christmas Eve, and we celebrate the Norwegian way with a Christmas tree, carols, and a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner.

Day 6  : At sea

By now our Expedition Team will have convinced almost everybody on board that science is fun. We can promise first-class ‘edutainment’!

Day 7  : At sea

Once we have crossed the Antarctic Convergence the air is getting crisper and colder. From deck you start seeing Antarctic penguins and icebergs, and maybe even whales as well.

Day 8  : Antarctica

You are now in one of the most remote areas of the world. From deck there are lots of chances to see whales. Enjoy close encounters with wildlife and glaciers, and old whaling stations and their relics. Among the places we will see are the South Shetlands and Cuverville Island, home to a large colony of chinstrap penguins. Neko Harbour is beautifully located in the innermost part of Andvord Bay and Paradise Harbour got its descriptive name from the whalers during the last century. Wilhelmina Bay has spectacular scenery and is often called ‘Whale-mina Bay’ because of the large numbers of humpback whales spotted here in December. Go ashore with the Expedition Team and get close to thousands of penguins and seals, and enjoy hiking, kayaking, and visiting the most interesting places. On board we offer several lectures and ‘scientific experiments’ for Young Explorers Antarctica.

Day 9  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica

Day 10  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica

Day 11  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica

Day 12  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica

Day 13  : Your voyage continues in Antarctica

Day 14  : Falkland Islands

Having just been in Antarctica it might seem a bit surreal to arrive in Stanley, a town that looks like a miniature England, with red phone booths, red buses, and English pubs.

Day 15  : Falkland Islands

Stanley is the capital on the Falkland Islands. Roam the city streets or join one of the excursions to explore the wilderness and wildlife.

Day 16  : Falkland Islands

Bird lovers will rejoice as we reach Carcass Island. This is a bird paradise with a rich variety of ducks, geese, penguins, albatross, caracaras, and wrens. It is also one of the few islands in this region with trees. We use our small boats go ashore for exploring, hiking, or taking a closer look at all the birds.

Day 17  : At sea / Magellan Strait

As we complete the loop of the Magellan Strait, we will recap everything we have explored, seen, and discovered on this trip. We celebrate our experiences, new friendships, new knowledge, and spending a great expedition together with a farewell dinner and party.

Day 18  : Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile

We disembark in Punta Arenas. Your journey home continues with your flight to Santiago de Chile.