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Cross Nordics Ski Tour 2024






$ 3,385.00 (Full Route)
$ 1,875.00 (Finland Only)
$ 1,990.00 (Sweden and Norway)




- 15 nights accommodation & 10 dinners (Full tour)
- 8 nights accommodation & 5 dinners (Finland tour only)
- 7 nights accommodation & 5 dinners (Sweden & Norway tour only)
- daily breakfasts
- daily lunch/packed lunch in skidays
- Skiing guide (english spoken) 
- luggage transfers between accommodations
- skitrack preparations
- service van for daily support
- Help and tip for skiwaxing (waxing bench & basic instruments available) 
- tips and accessory list before trip
- nice travel fellows, ski enthusiasts :)

Optional Services:

Additional charges:
- Ground transfers to start/finish locations (can be arranged at your own or we can arrange group transfers) 
- overnight at Salla 9.3. if needed
- overnight at Muonio 17.3. if needed (for SWE+NOR tour only)
- Sgl room: 60-90€/night, very limited availability
- Waxing service during the tour (incl. waxes). Ask more.


We start our tour from the Russian border crossing station in the tiny town of Salla, just north of the Arctic Circle in Eastern Finland. In the next eight days, we will ski across Finland’s magic Lapland and reach the Swedish border in Muonio. Next, we will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Swedish Lappland and cross the border to Norway in Riksgransen. Finally, on the last day, we ski down the North-Atlantic coast near Narvik.

During the 14 days, we ski approximately 800km, or 50-70 kilometers daily. We ski mainly along snowmobile tracks, where a local snowmobilist drives a skitrack the same day. Some days we pass ski resorts and can utilize their permanent skitracks (in perfect condition). Free technic skiing is possible in some parts of the route.

Our service van/coach moves your luggage to the next accommodation and takes care of the group’s daily breaks. So you carry only your light everyday backpack and enjoy 100% cross-country skiing in Lapland scenery.

For accommodation, we use mainly hotel standard rooms (2-4 persons in a room), and holiday apartments/cottages (4-6 persons) or similar might be used for several nights.

Day 1  : March 10, 2024

Gathering in the town of Salla. Wellcome info at 12.00. Transfer by bus to start at 13.30 (driving time ca. 30min). Skiing ca. 23km (Kelloselkä – Saija). Transfer by bus back to hotel in Salla.

Day 2  : March 11, 2024

Transfer by bus to start and skiing Saija  – Savukoski ca. 47km

Day 3  : March 12, 2024 (44 mi)


Skiing Savukoski – Pelkosenniemi - Pyhätunturi ca. 70km

Day 4  : March 13, 2024

Skiing Pyhätunturi – Luosto – Sodankylä ca. 70km (first 30km permanent tracks)

Day 5  : March 14, 2024

Skiing Sodankylä – Tepsa ca. 55km. Bustransfer back to hotel in Sodankylä

Day 6  : March 15, 2024

Bustransfer from hotel to start and skiing Tepsa – Levi ca. 70km

Day 7  : March 16, 2024

Skiing Levi – Äkäslompolo/Ylläs ca. 50km (permanent tracks)

Day 8  : March 17, 2024

Skiing Ylläs/Äkäslompolo – Muonio ca. 60km (ca. 40km permanent tracks)

Day 9  : March 18, 2024

Skiing Muonio - Kitkiöjarvi (SWE) ca 30km.

Day 10  : March 19, 2024

Skiing Kitkiöjarvi - Vittangi, ca. 80km.

Day 11  : March 20, 2024 (40.3 mi)

65 kilometers

Skiing Vittangi - Kiruna

Day 12  : March 21, 2024 (37.3 mi)

60 kilometers

Skiing Kiruna - Torneträsk, bus transfer to the hotel

Day 13  : March 22, 2024 (30 mi)

48 kilometers

Morning bus transfer to start skiing Torneträsk - Abisko

Day 14  : March 23, 2024 (22.4 mi)

36 kilometers

Skiing Abisko - Riksgränsen

Day 15  : March 24, 2024 (18.6 mi)

30 kilometers

Skiing Riksgransen - Narvik/Traedal. Bus transfer to hotel.

Day 16  : March 25, 2024

Departure home.


Basic daily programme is as follows (ca):
7.30 Breakfast
8.30 Departure for slower skiers
9.30 Departure for faster skiers
12.00 Lunch along the track (cafe/restaurant/lunch pack)
16.00 Arrival to hotel
18.00 Dinner (some days own expense)
19.00 Info for next day

Max. group size - 50 people


To Salla (start of the tour)
By air: There are daily flights to Rovaniemi and Kuusamo (  from where you can reach Salla by bus (1-2 bus daily)
By train: There is daily night train ( from Helsinki to Kemijärvi. From Kemijärvi there is direct bus connection to Salla after night train arrived. (Most of our finnish customers are supposed to use this connection)

Note! We can also arrange transfers from Rovaniemi airport to Salla or other solutions needed. Price depends on nr of passengers. Ask more! We shall find a solution.

From/to Muonio (start/finish for short tour):
By Train: There are daily nightrains to/from Kolari and Rovaniemi to Helsinki ( Ground transportations from Muonio to both towns can be arranged.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Kittilä (1h drive) and Rovaniemi (3h drive). There are 2-3 daily buses from both airports to Muonio. 

From Narvik (end of tour):
By Air: Nearest airport is located at Evenes ca 55km west of town. There are 4-6 airport buses daily (ca 10€/ow, 55min driving time).
By Train: There are night trains to Stockholm (Sweden), travel time ca 18hrs. 
We can arrange transfers to Rovaniemi if needed.