Northern Lights From Hveragerdi

One of the beauties of visiting Iceland in the late fall and wintertime is that you may well be lucky enough to experience one of Mother Nature´s most amazing phenomena – the Northern Lights.

From the town of Hveragerdi on Iceland´s south coast, we head off in the hope of spotting these elusive lights as they weave and dance their magical way across the northern heavens. However, in hunting for the Auora Borealis, patience is the name of the game.

To ensure a more personal and enjoyable tour we only have small groups. In addition, we bring along a snack of traditional Icelandic food so as to offer you an interesting additional cultural insight.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed

What to bring:
Warm clothing

Guided tour
Transport if needed
Light meal
Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation in Hveragerdi

Bobby, I'm home from the Baltic tour you helped me book and wanted to reach out to thank you for your professionalism every step of the way. The trip was definitely a success and I don't know how I would have pulled it off without you. Some of my favorite places on this tour: the Amber Gallery, Rundale Palace, St. Peter and Paul's Church, and of course, the incredible Hill of Crosses. That's one of those places you need to see to believe. Pictures don't do it justice. I'm pretty easy to please, so I don't have anything bad to report with any of the hotels, though I did overhear a few ladies in the group complaining about the size of the bathrooms where we stayed in Nida. I was alone (and I don't wear make-up or blow dry my hair), so it worked just fine for me. All of the food was well prepared, and I was surprised by the service there. I was told it would be slow, but I never noticed that. So, thanks again, my Baltic trip was great. Ned Randall