Feed the huskies

Ilulissat is a dogsledge area and the dogs in town are still used for both work and play every winter. We invite you to join in the feeding of a family of dogs. You can see, feel and certainly hear the howling of 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the equipment and tell about life as a sledge dog in Greenland. Sturdy shoes advised!

Dear Dora, Thank you for helping us plan such a great trip to Iceland in November. We're home now and just thinking about our travels and wanted to write to you to tell you how much we appreciated our time there and all of your hard work to make this trip everything that it was. We loved exploring all of the museums, souvenir shops, restaurants, and of course the nature and scenery such as all of the waterfalls, geysers, and of course, the natural baths and Northern Lights. It was really cool being able to see them since that's something I'm not sure I could have done without your guidance. We loved trying on snowshoes and taking that trip and hearing the stories of the trolls. Enjoying local soup outside was a lot of fun and we decided to do the cross country skiing tour which was really, really awesome. The food in Iceland was great, no complaints there. If we ever plan to visit Iceland again, I will be sure to contact your company. Thank you, Bob and Rosie Jest