Feed the huskies

Ilulissat is a dogsledge area and the dogs in town are still used for both work and play every winter. We invite you to join in the feeding of a family of dogs. You can see, feel and certainly hear the howling of 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the equipment and tell about life as a sledge dog in Greenland. Sturdy shoes advised!

I want to thank Nordic saga Tours for the excellent job they did in suggesting this trip. When we decided to go to Iceland, we thought about trying to plan it ourselves. Then we decided to get the advice from Nordic saga Tours experts and were not disappointed. While this tour cost a little more, we never would have been able to see some of the things we did either because our vehicle would have been unable to get there or we would have never known to look for it. We thoroughly enjoyed the week and would book through Nordic Saga Tours again when going to Iceland. Tommy and Carl