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Natural Wonders of Greenland from Reykjavik 2024

11 days
10 nights






BOOK BEFORE 12/31/2023

Cat. 1 - Porthole / Deck 3
$ 4,265.00 (triple)
$ 6,360.00 (double)
$11,070.00 (single)
Cat. 2 - Picture Window / Deck 4
$ 4,830.00 (triple)
$ 7,200.00 (double)
$12,545.00 (single)
Cat. 3 - Picture Window / Deck 4
$ 5,275.00 (triple)
$ 7,875.00 (double)
$13,725.00 (single)
Cat. 4 - Picture Window / Deck 5
$ 8,550.00 (double)
$14,900.00 (single)
Cat. 5 - Picture Window / Deck 5
$ 9,225.00 (double)
$16,085.00 (single)
Cat. 6 - Balcony / Deck 6
$11,740.00 (double)
$20,485.00 (single)
Cat. 7 - Big Balcony / Deck 7
$13,500.00 (double)
$23,630.00 (single)

BOOK AFTER 12/31/2023

Cat. 1 - Porthole / Deck 3
$ 5,310.00 (triple)
$ 7,930.00 (double)
$13,820.00 (single)
Cat. 2 - Picture Window / Deck 4
$ 6,015.00 (triple)
$ 8,985.00 (double)
$15,660.00 (single)
Cat. 3 - Picture Window / Deck 4
$ 6,575.00 (triple)
$ 9,825.00 (double)
$17,140.00 (single)
Cat. 4 - Picture Window / Deck 5
$10,670.00 (double)
$18,615.00 (single)
Cat. 5 - Picture Window / Deck 5
$11,515.00 (double)
$20,090.00 (single)
Cat. 6 - Balcony / Deck 6
$14,655.00 (double)
$25,585.00 (single)
Cat. 7 - Big Balcony / Deck 7
$16,855.00 (double)
$29,495.00 (single)


Jul 19, 2024 - Jul 29, 2024 

Cabin Description:


  • accommodation in booked cabin category
  • all meals included
  • coffee, tea and water
  • all Zodiac excursions
  • Icelandic/English speaking guides
  • all lectures on board
  • on-board entertainment program
  • charter flight Kangerlussuaq (Greenland) – Keflavik (Iceland) incl. transfer in Kangerlussuaq Harbor - Airport
  • Iceland ProCruises jacket


Discover the immense scenic and cultural variety of the world’s largest island, from the impressive mountain range in the East to the beautiful and fertile south with its fascinating Viking history up to the town of Ilulissat with its floating icebergs.

Day 1  : Reykjavik

Our optional Air & Ground package provides a convenient arrival. Use your leisure time in Reykjavik to discover the unique charm of the world’s northernmost capital and book one of our pre-programs. Or explore the sights of south and west Iceland on a self-drive road trip (prices upon request). The SEAVENTURE docks in Old Reykjavik Harbor in the heart of the city, a five-minute stroll from the main squares, shopping and dining. The ship departs in the evening.

Day 2  : Day at Sea/Denmark Strait

Today we sail across the Denmark Strait towards Greenland, following the same maritime route used by Norse settlers more than 900 years ago. Enroute you can attend fascinating presentations by our Expedition Team members to prepare for your visit to Greenland. Or of course, you can choose to just relax and watch whales, dolphins and seabirds from the deck or from your cabin.

Day 3  : Ammassalik Island

The island is characterized by several glaciers, jagged peaks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. There are vast green valleys and deep fjords with newly calved icebergs dropping off the ice cap into the sea. Tasiilaq, the largest town in East Greenland, is located on Ammassalik Island. With its population of approximately 2,000 people, the town is the gateway to explore East Greenland.

Day 4  : Day at sea/ Prince Christian Sound

When conditions are favorable, we travel along the 70 mile (112 km) long Prince Christian Sound which connects  the Labrador and Irminger Seas. In this narrow, often ice choked channel, we come so close to icebergs you can almost reach out and touch one. The force of Greenland's massive inland ice cap pushes glaciers towards the sea, where large chunks of ice break off and become floating icebergs. 

Day 5  : Qaqortoq

With 3.000 inhabitants, Qaqortoq is the largest settlement in South Greenland. In this charming town you can find lots of strikingly beautiful colonial buildings, dating from the establishment of the town in 1775. The area has a rich history, as it has been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times. You can still see traces of Thule and Norse cultures throughout the region.

Day 6  : Qeqertarsuasiat

Qeqertarsuasiat is a small settlement with approx. 200 residents, mainly living from hunting and fishing. Visit the small mine and learn more about the extraction of precious stones.

Day 7  : Nuuk

With 16,000 inhabitants Nuuk is both the capital and the biggest city of Greenland. It combines Arctic traditions with European urbanity. Visit the city sights on a walking tour that ends at the National Museum which exhibits the famous mummies of Qilakitsoq.

Day 8  : Sisimiut

Sisimiut has a turbulent history, especially during the 18th century when the first Danish colony was destroyed by Dutch whalers who wanted to establish their own settlement. The Danes fought back and eventually recaptured Sisimiut after several fierce battles in the 1730s. Heavy fighting between Dutch whalers and various European nations took place over the years. Because of its flourishing shrimp industry, Sisimiut is one of Greenland’s most prosperous cities today.

Day 9  : Ilulissat

In the morning we reach Ilulissat village in fabled Disko Bay. Ilulissat is located beside the Ilulissat Icefjord. Delight in the thunderous spectacle when icebergs break off from the glacier and plunge into the fjord. Sermeq Kujalleq is one of the most productive glaciers in the northern hemisphere.

Day 10  : Disko Bay/Qeqertarsuaq

The small settlement of Qeqertarsuaq is located on the South Coast of Disko Island. In 1773 the first whaling base was founded there. Whaling has been of great importance to the town over the past two centuries. Hunting and fishing are still the primary occupations for the island’s inhabitants.

Day 11  : Kangerlussuaq

In the morning we reach the 120-mile (190 km) Kangerlussuaq Fjord and the town of the same name. It’s time to say goodbye to the SEAVENTURE. Charter flight back to Keflavik. Take a look at our Air & Ground package or this tour to enjoy a comfortable journey home.

Please note: Please contact your agent regarding flight arrival time from Kangerlussuaq before you book your return flight from Keflavik.


All routes and excursions are provisional and subject to change.
All Zodiac excursions are weather dependent.