Hunters settlement Ilimanaq

Guided tour by boat to the small settlement of Ilimanaq, which has a population of approx. 80 people mainly dependent on fishing and hunting. Upon arrival in Ilimanaq we go on a guided tour of the settlement before enjoying our lunch with a local family. Only operated when there is open water. Expected to run from mid March until late November, but might also run all winter. Polar suit included.

Thank you Dora for all the arrangements you made for us to have this relaxed, yet very impressive tour. It was a great idea to have a private drive - guide . Johann was very knowledgeable, caring and fully adapted to our pace and rhythm. We saw places even off the route - Johann knew Iceland and its secret places better than anyone else. This country is amazing! Landscapes are stunning and our private sightseeing made it all so close and personal. Thank you again and best regards.