Hunters settlement Ilimanaq

Guided tour by boat to the small settlement of Ilimanaq, which has a population of approx. 80 people mainly dependent on fishing and hunting. Upon arrival in Ilimanaq we go on a guided tour of the settlement before enjoying our lunch with a local family. Only operated when there is open water. Expected to run from mid March until late November, but might also run all winter. Polar suit included.

Hello Bobby, Sorry for not getting back to you right away. It is always hectic after a long trip and we had many things to deal with after we returned. Here is a short summary of our trip: Ferry: a little bit outdated, food is okay but could be better, I guess the fact that it's the only ferry that takes you to Russia without visa compensates for all shortcomings Hotel Domina: excellent location, excellent service, very good breakfast, can't say enough. Too bad we only stayed there one night. Guide: Natalie was very knowledgeable, knew her way around, nice personality and very good English Overall: we give it 4 stars only because the ferry was so-so, otherwise it was an amazing trip Thanks for all your help, Savannah McKenna
Savanna McKenna