Iceland Self-Drive Car Rates

  Make/Model (or similar)GROUP  DAILY RATE IN USD FROM:                  (some rates are higher during high season)
  Toyota Yaris 5 doors   A     65
  Toyota Yaris 5 doors Automatic   Y     68
  Suzuki Swift 5 doors 4WD   A2     68
  Toyota Auris   B     68
  Toyota Auris Automatic   B2     81
  Suzuki SX4 4WD   K     88
  Toyota Auris Station Wagon   T     81
  Toyota Avensis Sedan      C     88
  Toyota Avensis Sedan Automatic   N     92
  Toyota Avensis Station Automatic   R     97
  Skoda Octavia Station Wagon 4WD   E     92
  Skoda Octavia Station Wagon 4WD Automatic   P     97
  Toyota Rav4 4WD   F     129
  Toyota Rav4 4WD automatic   O     136
  Toyota Hilux 4WD - Pickup   G1     157
  Toyota Land Cruiser GX 4WD automatic 5 seater   I     179
  Toyota Land Cruiser GX 4WD automatic 7 seater   H     194
  Landrover Defender 4WD 7 seater   G     205
  VW Caddy Maxi 7 seater   L     129
  Ford Transit 9 seater   Q     163
  VW Caravelle 4WD 9 seater   D     194
  Ford Transit 14 seater   J     204
  Ford Transit 14 seater 4WD with extra cargo space   J1     224
  Mercedes Sprinter 4WD 15 seater   W      241
  Ford Transit 17 seater   W4     241
  Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Green Collection   U1     74
  Toyota Auris Hybrid - Green Collection   U     88
  Toyota Prius - Green Collection   P1     157
  VW Beetle - Fun Collection   B1     88
  Mercedes Benz E-220 Automatic - Luxury   N6     179
  Audi Q7 4WD automatic - Luxury   M     241
  Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4WD automatic - Luxury    H6     399
  Landrover Defender 4WD Super 38" Tires 7 seater **   X     273
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