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Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise

10 days
9 nights





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$ 2,595.00 (Cat. T Triple )
$ 3,815.00 (Cat. T Double)
$ 6,675.00 (Cat. T Single)
$ 3,815.00 (Cat. P Double)
$ 6,675.00 (Cat. P Single)
$ 5,275.00 (Cat. O Double)
$ 9,225.00 (Cat. O Single)
$ 6,510.00 (Cat. D Double)
$11,395.00 (Cat. D Single)
$ 4,495.00 (Cat. B Quad)
$ 5,995.00 (Cat. B Triple)
$ 8,990.00 (Cat. B Double)
$15,735.00 (Cat. B Single)
$11,160.00 (Cat. A Double)
$19,535.00 (Cat. A Single)
$ 2,845.00 (Cat. T Triple)
$ 4,010.00 (Cat. T Double)
$ 7,015.00 (Cat. T Single)
$ 4,010.00 (Cat. P Double)
$ 7,015.00 (Cat. P Single)
$ 5,540.00 (Cat. O Double)
$ 9,695.00 (Cat. O Single)
$ 6,845.00 (Cat. D Double)
$11,975.00 (Cat. D Single)
$ 4,725.00 (Cat. B Quad)
$ 6,295.00 (Cat. B Triple)
$ 9,450.00 (Cat. B Double)
$16,535.00 (Cat. B Single)
$11,730.00 (Cat. A Double)
$20,525.00 (Cat. A Single)


-  2018 - SEASON A
May 11, 2018 - May 20, 2018 
May 20, 2018 - May 29, 2018 
-  2018 - SEASON B
May 29, 2018 - Jun 07, 2018 
Jun 16, 2018 - Jun 25, 2018 
Jun 25, 2018 - Jul 04, 2018 
Jul 04, 2018 - Jul 13, 2018 
Jul 13, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018 

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Accomodation in booked cabin category
All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
All softdrinks, water and coffee
Captain´s welcome and farewell cocktail
All Zodiac excursions
All lectures from cruise staff and guest speakers
On-board entertainment program
Usage of gym and sauna-facilities

Optional Services:


Many exciting optional tours and adventures are avalble for cruise participants. Complete description is available here:



Experience an unforgettable cruise of Iceland and fall in love with the land of fire and ice. This amazing country of contrasts and  diverse unusual natural landscape  provides the possibility for unique experiences like nowhere else on earth. The Iceland cruise is a comfortable relaxing way to learn about both natural wonders and the Icelandic way of living. A range of exciting shore excursions brings the unique character of Iceland closer to you.

Day 1  : Reykjavik

Individual arrival or use our comfortable Air&Ground Package. Use the day in Reykjavik to explore the highlights of the world’s northernmost national capital city on your own, or book one of our exciting pre-cruise programs and discover Reykjavik and its surroundings by land or air. The Ocean Diamond docks in the old harbor located in the heart of town which is a 5 minute walk to the inner city. The ship will depart Reykjavik harbor at 8 p.m.

Day 2  : Stykkisholmur

Stykkisholmur is the starting point for our explorations of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, which juts out from Iceland’s west coast. Like a long arm with a clenched fist at its tip, the peninsula is in many ways a microcosm of the whole island. Boarding our Zodiacs, passengers will explore Breidafjördur Bay, known for its colorful bird life, unique basalt rock formations and stunning scenery. You also have an opportunity to join an adventurous snowcat expedition to the extinct volcano glacier Snaefellsjökull with our experienced guides. The glacier is one of the most famous sites in Iceland primarily because it featured in the novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne in which the entrance to the mysterious interior of our planet is located on Snaefellsjökull.

Day 3  : Isafjördur

Today's destination is the idyllic town of Isafjördur, capital of the Westfjords region. This secluded peninsula is connected to the rest of Iceland by only a narrow strip of land. Even by Icelandic standards, the area can be described as unusually isolated. The landscape is characterized by mesas and dramatic fjords that cut deep into the landscape. Enjoy silence and nature while sea fishing or bird watching on the small island of Vigur, or by visiting the Dynjandi Waterfall, the highest cascade in this area.

Day 4  : Siglufjördur

The next morning we reach the city of Siglufjördur, once the center of the Icelandic herring industry. Learn all about the golden age of Icelandic herring fishing at the award-winning Herring Museum. At lunchtime, we take a Zodiac excursion to Hedinsfjördur, an uninhabited inlet surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Tröllaskagi Peninsula. In the early evening we arrive in Akureyri, capital of the north. Go for a stroll through the beautiful town and visit the botanical garden. All native Icelandic flowers are represented here - an impressive variety, considering the location is almost on the Arctic Circle.

Day 5  : Akureyri

Today the Ocean Diamond remains in the port of Akureyri while we explore Iceland’s north shore. Around 90 minutes by road to the east of the city is the Lake Myvatn region, a schizophrenic landscape where it’s said that “heaven and hell” clash. One side of the lake is characterized by the rugged remnants of volcanic activity, while on the other you find fertile plains with lush greenery and a varied bird life. You have a choice between several exciting shore excursions. One possibility is the “Diamond Circle” tour which includes a visit to the massive Dettisfoss waterfall, the colorful Myvatn area and the lush Asbyrgi canyon.

Day 6  : Flatey

Early in the morning we anchor off the island of Flatey, where we will board the Zodiacs for a whale watching tour in Skjalfandi Bay. During the journey enjoy views of the often snow-capped peaks of the Vik Mountains and be on the lookout for whales and dolphins. In the sheltered bay you can find up to 15 different species of whale, as well as dolphins and birds. After our zodiac tour we will visit the island of Flatey, a bird paradise with over 30 different types of birds and enjoy lunch on the island.

Day 7  : Seydisfjördur

For our exploration of the Eastfjords, the ship docks in the port of Seydisfjördur. Characteristic of the region are the picturesque fishing villages, steep slopes and panoramic sea views. Spot seals while horseback riding, paddle kayaks in the idyllic fjords, take a hike and look out for wild reindeer or explore the town of Egilsstadir by bike.

Day 8  : Höfn

The former fishing village of Höfn is a good starting point to explore Vatnajökull glacier. Go on a four-wheel-drive Jeep tour to the foot of the glacier and take a boat trip in the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon. Icebergs in all shapes and sizes are floating in the water - an unforgettable adventure on a body of water that didn’t exist at the beginning of the last century, as the lagoon was recently formed by the retreat of the Breidarmerkurjökull glacier tongue.

Day 9  : Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands)

Located about five miles off the coast of southern Iceland, the island group Vestmannaeyjar were formed by submarine volcanic eruptions around 10,000 years ago. The youngest of the islands only emerged from the sea in 1963. We go ashore in the harbor of Heimaey, the only inhabited island of the group. Residents here live with the constant threat of another violent eruption. In 1973, the entire population had to be evacuated after Helgafell volcano suddenly exploded. In many places in Heimaey one still sees the houses half buried by lava and ash. We circumnavigate the island in our Zodiacs and stop at places of interest where you will get to know the local bird life, visit caves and, if lucky, spot whales. There is also the opportunity to play an extraordinary round of golf in a sunken volcanic crater.

Day 10  : Reykjavik

In the morning we return to the port of Reykjavik. After breakfast it’s time to bid farewell to the Ocean Diamond. Extend your stay in Iceland and book one of our post-cruise programs or explore Reykjavik and the surrounding area on your own. Reykjavik, which is both the economical and cultural hub of Iceland, boasts a variety of museums and shops. Scattered around the city are fascinating natural wonders like glaciers, waterfalls and geysers. Individual departure or book our comfortable Air&Ground Package.


* All routes and excursions are prvisional and may change due to weather, sea and ice conditions