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In the Wake of the Buccaneers

17 days
16 nights




$ 5,975.00 (double occupancy)


Sep 29, 2017 - Oct 14, 2017 

Ships & Cabins:


Day 1: Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon’s history revolves around its strategic geographical position at the mouth of the Tagus, where its spacious and sheltered natural harbor made the city an important seaport for trade between the Mediterranean and northern Europe. This is probably why Lisbon has a long history of pirate raids, from the Vikings and Saracen pirates to Dutch and English pirates later on. Before we sail you can visit well-known buildings and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Bélem Tower and the Jéronimos Monastery.

Day 2: Cádiz, Spain
Cádiz is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and the long beaches invite you to enjoy a dip in the ocean. Cádiz is the one of the oldest cities in the Western world, founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 B.C. Later on the Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, and Moors found their way to the city. For 200 years Cádiz was regularly attacked by a succession of English pirates. Sir Francis Drake may be remembered for circumnavigating the world, but he also happened to be Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite privateer. His greatest act was a blow against the King of Spain: A raid on Cádiz that destroyed several ships that were being built for the great armada that was to attack England.

Day 3: Casablanca, Morocco
Pirates in Morocco were known as the Barbary corsairs, and Casablanca was once a haven for pirates. Today the city displays an exotic mix of old and new. Stay on deck as we sail out from the ‘White City’, Casablanca, to enjoy the view of the town and its harbor life with small and colorful wooden boats next to fishing vessels and huge ocean liners. See the Hassan II Mosque, one of Casablanca’s most famous landmarks, in the sunset.

Day 4: At Sea
Enjoy a day at sea as the Expedition Team starts their fascinating lecture series.

Day 5: At Sea
During the next two days we will sail with the Canary Current on our way to Cape Verde. The current is part of the North Atlantic Gyre.

Day 6: At Sea
The North Atlantic Gyre is where the deep, cold, and nutrient-rich water meets more shallow and warm waters, making this part of the ocean a remarkable fishing ground that is also teeming with marine mammals and seabirds.

Day 7: At Sea
Enjoy another day at sea. Relax on deck or attend the lectures from the Expedition Team.

Day 8: Praia, Cape Verde
The Cape Verde Islands were discovered in the beginning of the 15th century. Travelers frequently used them as a stop to take on food and water. The useful location lead to attacks by many famous pirates and privateers such as Francis Drake, Henry Long, Ben Avery, Henry Morgan, and William Dampier. Captain Kidd also frequently sailed these waters. Several treasure hunters believe that the Skeleton Island that Captain Kidd refers to was actually Maio Island, next to Santiago and Praia, where we make a stop. Enjoy a day of snorkeling or take a walk along the beach to escape the fast-paced life on the island.

Day 9: At Sea
Attend interesting lectures as we cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 10: At Sea
Enjoy being at one with the ocean and relaxing on deck, a truly unique experience.

Day 11: At Sea
You will see the ocean changing color under the influence of the sunlight and the microorganisms in the water.

Day 12: At Sea
Flying fish will join us and seabirds such as masked boobies will be a special attraction.

Day 13: At Sea
Enjoy the view of endless horizons, read those vacation books you never have the time to read, or simply relax on deck.

Day 14: Cruising on the Amazon River
The Amazon River is the largest river in the world and runs through the largest rainforest in the world. The mighty Amazon River crosses the South American continent. The Amazon rainforest, home to more than one-third of the world’s animal species, surrounds it. As we cruise this river, you will have front-row seats to the untamed rainforest and its biodiversity.

Day 15: Santarem, Brazil
After seven days on board it will be great to feel land under your feet again. Stroll along the waterfront promenade in Santarém where the murky brown Amazon meets the dark blue-green Rio Tapajós. On one hand this is a pleasant city, but it is also a gritty port town. Santarém is also the perfect starting point for several activities in the beautiful Tapajós National Forest, where you can hike and canoe. You can also explore the unique Amazon rainforest.

Day 16: Parintins
Parintins is a very small island with lots of small shops, eateries, and a local cathedral that towers over the city. Take a walk to experience the everyday life here, enjoy one of the local drinks or taste the local soup, do some boi-dancing with the locals, or join the Expedition Team for a hike or kayak trip in the jungle.

Day 17: Manaus
When we reach Manaus we are at the end of our voyage. Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas and is located in the middle of the rainforest. It is known as the gateway to the jungle.