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Long Weekend in Greenland

21 days
20 nights






$ 2,200.00 (double/twin occupancy)
$11,130.00 (single occupancy)
$ 6,875.00 (3rd person in extra bed)
$ 6,355.00 (Child 07-12 years)


May 27, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019 
Jun 10, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019 
Jun 17, 2019 - Jul 07, 2019 
Jun 24, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019 
Jul 01, 2019 - Jul 21, 2019 
Jul 08, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019 
Jul 15, 2019 - Aug 04, 2019 
Jul 22, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019 
Jul 29, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019 
Aug 05, 2019 - Aug 25, 2019 
Aug 12, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019 
Aug 19, 2019 - Sep 08, 2019 
Aug 26, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019 
Sep 02, 2019 - Sep 22, 2019 


Hotel Arctic 4*


  • Return flights Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat
  • Return transfer between airport and hotel
  • 4 nights at Hotel Arctic with private bath and toilet
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome dinner at Hotel Arctic (excluding drinks)
  • Food and beverages on board the Air Greenland flight Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq
  • Welcome meeting with local English-speaking guide
  • Guide service
  • All flight/transportation taxes and fees known to Greenland Travel at the time of publishing
  • 20 kg of checked baggage and 8 kg of c

Highlights & Experience:

  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Ice Fjord and its magnificent icebergs up close
  • Experience authentic Inuit life in the Town of Icebergs, Ilulissat
  • Delve into authentic town and settlement living
  • Cruise among gigantic icebergs
  • Everything wrapped in stunning Arctic autumn colors


Do you love to explore but only have limited time? Want to visit Ilulissat in Greenland? This trip allows you to experience a few of Greenland's highlights in a relatively short time.

Fly to Ilulissat, the town of icebergs, where big impressions and experiences are found on the doorstep of the 4-star Hotel Arctic, where you will stay during the tour.
Hotel Arctic is the perfect place to start this amazing long weekend because of its convenient location, great view, and a great restaurant.

We travel in the autumn, a peaceful season after a brief and hectic summer. Autumn shows off the many different parts of Arctic nature, from beautiful sunny days that turn the mountains yellow-brown with a brightness that often beats the midnight sun of summer to dramatic autumn storms that are beautiful in their harshness but require the right clothes.

Day 1  : Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat

Departure from Copenhagen is in the morning, and after an approximately 4.5-hour flight, you will set foot on the world’s largest island.

Following a brief stop in Kangerlussuaq, we continue on a smaller plane toward Ilulissat. It is a beautiful 45-minute flight, which allows you to take in the magnificent Arctic landscape, the barren wilderness, and the magnitude of the Inland Ice Cape.

During our approach to Ilulissat, the city will appear as a colorful dot in the middle of nowhere. The colored houses stand in stark contrast to the rugged mountains, and you can look forward to the next few days filled with icebergs, nature clad in autumn colors, and cultural impressions from a highly traditional Greenland town.

Overnight in Ilulissat

The Hotel Arctic bus will pick you up at the airport, and you will check into the conveniently located four-star hotel. Here you will meet one of our guides, who will brief you about the city, the area, dining, and excursion possibilities.

Day 2  : Ilulissat

Sermermiut, the former settlement at the Ice Fjord 

Beautiful iceberg vistas are the setting of the old Sermermiut settlement, a few kilometers south of Ilulissat. For 4,000 years, different Inuit cultures lived here. Learn about the Inuit people’s life and customs before the Europeans arrived, see the old ruins, and touch the permafrost. During the hike, we'll talk about the animals and plants in the area, as well as the geology and, last but not least, the story behind all the ice. You will enjoy the magnificent view of the Ice Fjord before heading back to town.

Overnight in Ilulissat (B)

Day 3  : Ilulissat

optional excursions

Disko Bay is one of Greenland’s most popular travel destinations. The ice and the natural beauty of the area, the numerous cultural attractions, and the interaction between traditional and contemporary urban life. Today, you can explore on your own or participate in organized excursions and activities. 

Sailing among icebergs (optional)
Almost every visitor to Ilulissat chooses a boat trip among the icebergs. More than 40 million tons of ice flow out into the fjord every day. The result is gigantic icebergs, which can be more than 100 meters on each side and reach a height of up to 100 meters above the water's surface. These giants strand at the end of the fjord, and that gives you a good opportunity to sail among them. An exceptional experience, you do not want to be without it while visiting Ilulissat.

Remember to bring warm clothes, or you can rent a suit of sealskin.

Northern Lights Safari (optional) - Available from September 22 – December
On cold nights, when the sky is clear, you can see the most beautiful northern lights over Ilulissat. Aurora Borealis is, without a doubt, the night sky’s most spectacular phenomenon. We are going to drive away from the lights of the town and go to where the darkness is most intense. The guide will tell us all about the causes of the phenomenon. You will also get tips and tricks to enable you to take the best pictures of the colored lights as they cross the night sky.

Day 4  : Ilulissat

Use your last day in Greenland to experience the local town atmosphere. Go back in time and get a sense of history at the cozy museum established in Knud Rasmussen's birthplace. The fishermen at "Brættet," the local marketplace, offer the exciting food products of Greenland that do not come any fresher than this.

The restaurants in Ilulissat serve local specialties such as Greenland sushi, deep-fried ammassats (small fish), whale, and seal, and in the cafés, freshly baked cakes will tempt your sweet tooth. This is indeed a holiday that will impress all your senses.



Day Tour to Eqi Glacier – the calving glacier (optional)

Only a few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi Glacier, which spills into the fjord 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat. Get close to the glacier by boat and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off. The sounds are loud, and the sight of the ice crashing into the water is breathtaking.

We sail in modern, convenient boats on the excursion to the Eqi Glacier. The route goes north along the coast, passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut, and the extensive fjord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals are often seen. We then sail through the Ataa Strait, surrounded by steep mountains with lots of waterfalls and birds. Finally, we wait approximately two hours for the glacier's ice to calve while a delicious lunch is served. This is a full-day excursion, where you will have an excellent opportunity to be immersed in the experience and the boat trip in the ice-filled water.

Please note:

The trip to and from the glacier lasts between 2 and 5 hours each way, depending on the boat used on a given day.

Overnight in Ilulissat (B)

Day 5  : Ilulissat - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen

After an adventurous, extended weekend, it is time to say goodbye to Ilulissat. Greenland probably made a big impression on you. So when you hear the word "Greenland" in the future, you'll probably have a special feeling and see a series of images you'll never forget.
You depart from Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq, arriving in Copenhagen in the evening. (B)