Hi Susie,
Thought I might hear from you for a follow up survey from the trip ----but just realized that I hadn’t.  We had a great time, particularly enjoyed our accommodations in Oslo, Copenhagen and were absolutely thrilled with Balestrand.  Would have liked to have been in the town or Aero proper and something a bit better in Stockholm.  All in all, things went smoothly, really enjoyed the cruise thru the fjords and it really helped with costs to have breakfast built in every morning.  I think it was a fluke, but we really didn’t hit any rain.
Our next independent travel thought that we have is to do a hut to hut or chalet to chalet in the Swiss Alps --- we are healthy and active, but not looking for strenuous.  Do you have any company that you could recommend to help us set up this trip?
Thank you,
Margaret McGuire