Northern Lights Night Rider

This is a REAL Arctic Adventure. Experience the arctic sunset and enjoy breathtaking views driving on snow scooters into the wilderness to watch the Northern Lights. No previous experience is required. We will provide the equipment and teach you to ride safely with our experienced guide in to the darkness. Hot beverages included.

Volcanoes and Glaciers - Mountains and Fjords - amazing!!!! Booking this trip to Iceland trough Nordic Saga Tours was nothing but a pleasure. Booking agents were very helpful, prompt to reply and were happy to help in any way they could. They provided great information which was very useful. The tour itself was nothing less than amazing. The beauty of this country is stunning! The hotels we stayed at were well chosen, very comfortable and well located. Food and drinks in Iceland are very expensive but affordable. The guides were very knowledgable in the history as well as about glaciers and geology in general. This trip was very special experience in my life and I would definitely do it again. Nikki, India
Nikki, India