Northern Lights Night Rider

This is a REAL Arctic Adventure. Experience the arctic sunset and enjoy breathtaking views driving on snow scooters into the wilderness to watch the Northern Lights. No previous experience is required. We will provide the equipment and teach you to ride safely with our experienced guide in to the darkness. Hot beverages included.

Our first kudos go to Susie Main who was extremely accommodating and helped us to book an amazing tour. She was very patient with questions and very thorough - a big thank you to her! .This small group tour of 12 with Thor as our driver/guide was amazing and even better than we had hoped it could be! The vehicle was perfect as well as the Itinerary and we saw Northern lights a bunch of nights with Friday 27th being a spectacular event! Thor was the perfect guide and made all of the difference. He was extremely helpful with taking photographs of the Northern Lights and filled with so much great information. He couldn't be any more accommodating. The Itinerary was perfect - I can't think of a thing that I would change . Thor was flexible and sensitive to our needs yet kept us on schedule so that we didn't miss a thing. The hotels were fine and even the places that we stopped for lunch were reasonable with good food. While the trip was well planned I do believe that our guide made all of the difference between great and superb! I would highly recommend this trip to all!