December 11, 2017

Review about Arctic Powers by Salim Zaid

Rating: 4
Hi, Thank you, Dora, for recommending us Nature's Treasures And Northern Lights Tour. It was just fantastic! It was exactly what we wanted and actually got more. Hotel accommodations were very well chosen. The bus which was taking us to different sites was very comfortable and the guide was just perfect. He told us a lot of interesting stories and showed fantastic places. The other people in the group were very friendly which made this trip even more exciting. Would love to return to Iceland and do the same tour again. To be honest, we were surprised at how expensive everything was in Iceland, but we still loved it all. The trip was worth the money we paid. Salim Zaid
Salim Zaid

Nature's Treasures And Northern Lights Tour was just fantastic holiday

Visit the best places to see northern lights in Iceland and explore natural treasures and the rugged coastline of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, relax in the Icelandic countryside for optimal viewing of some Northern Lights.