September 09, 2014

Review about Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation Cruise by Linda Mollet

Rating: 4
Our expedition cruise circumnavigating Spitsbergen was just fantastic!. Nordic Saga Tours staff prepared us well providing the information on all the details and giving excellent advice. The cruising was exciting, and the ship and its crew were excellent as well. Our cabin was big enough and light, the mattress soft , so sleep was never a problem. Food ranged from good to excellent.There was a lot of fish every day but there was meat as well. The meals are usually adjusted to your preferences. The ship’s crew were very nice and polite of mixed nationality - Norwegian, Danish, English, and spoke good English. The scenery, wildlife were stunning – we came home with tons of unbelievable photos. We would recommend this cruise for everyone who is looking for an extraordinary holiday. – Linda Mollet
Linda Mollet

Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation Cruise

Explore Norway's coastline in summer and full winter north of the Arctic Circle. You might get lucky and see polar bears!