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West Iceland Mini-Tour

2 days
1 nights





Per person :

$ 775.00 (double occupancy)
$ 830.00 (single occupancy)



Nov 16, 2018 - Nov 17, 2018 
Nov 21, 2018 - Nov 22, 2018 
Nov 28, 2018 - Nov 29, 2018 
Nov 30, 2018 - Dec 01, 2018 
Dec 05, 2018 - Dec 06, 2018 
Dec 12, 2018 - Dec 13, 2018 
Dec 14, 2018 - Dec 15, 2018 
Jan 04, 2019 - Jan 05, 2019 
Jan 09, 2019 - Jan 10, 2019 
Jan 11, 2019 - Jan 12, 2019 
Jan 16, 2019 - Jan 17, 2019 
Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 19, 2019 
Jan 23, 2019 - Jan 24, 2019 
Jan 25, 2019 - Jan 26, 2019 
Jan 30, 2019 - Jan 31, 2019 
Feb 01, 2019 - Feb 02, 2019 
Feb 15, 2019 - Feb 16, 2019 
Feb 20, 2019 - Feb 21, 2019 
Feb 22, 2019 - Feb 23, 2019 
Feb 27, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019 
Mar 01, 2019 - Mar 02, 2019 
Mar 20, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019 
Mar 27, 2019 - Mar 28, 2019 
Mar 29, 2019 - Mar 30, 2019 
Apr 03, 2019 - Apr 04, 2019 
Apr 05, 2019 - Apr 06, 2019 
Apr 10, 2019 - Apr 11, 2019 
Apr 12, 2019 - Apr 13, 2019 
Apr 17, 2019 - Apr 18, 2019 
Apr 19, 2019 - Apr 20, 2019 
Apr 24, 2019 - Apr 25, 2019 
Apr 26, 2019 - Apr 27, 2019 


  • Tour pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavik
  • 1 night at a countryside hotel with private bathrooms
  • Breakfast on day 2
  • Guided mini bus tour with expert driver-guide
  • Admission to Vidgelmir Cave; guided tour and use of safety helmet & lamp (Day 1)
  • Into the Glacier experience includes ride up glacier in special vehicle and guided visit to the glacier tunnel and ice cave (Day 2)
  • Visit to Stedji microbrewery and sample of seasonal beer products (Day 2)

Highlights & Experience:

Visit Hraunfossar falls, where icy water seems to burst from solid lava
See and hear the power of Europe’s strongest and fastest hot springs
Travel through a stunning, colourful ancient lava cave
Get a taste of adventure with a trip up a glacier in a modified vehicle
Witness the beautiful blue heart of a glacier
Walk through a vast ice tunnel and see how a glacier is formed from the inside out
Visit a family-owned draft microbrewery and try some of their unique brews


Planning a short visit and want to see more than Reykjavik? Get close to the powerful fire and ice powers that created Iceland thousands of years ago, both above and below ground! Join a small group on the West Iceland Mini Tour and enjoy the best of what West Iceland has to offer.

West Iceland’s magical winter countryside represents Iceland in miniature with glaciers, waterfalls, charming villages, powerful hot springs and a great local focus on food and crafts. Located not far from Reykjavík, the Borgarfjordur region‘s ever changing scenery is a perfect way to get acquainted with the powerful forces of fire and ice that created Iceland. You’ll even have the chance to try some excellent craft beer at a local microbrewery!

Day 1  : Reykjavik – Hraunfoss- Vidgelmir Cave – Deildartunguhver - Reykholt (115 mi)

Pick up for the tour between 8:00—8:30 (8:00am – 8:30am). Please be at your assigned pick-up location no later than 7:30, as your location may be one of the first for tour pick-up. (Check your confirmation information for pick up location details.)

Make sure that your phone number and e-mail are listed with us, so we can contact you if needed.

Depart Reykjavik, heading via an undersea tunnel to Borgarfjordur Fjord in West Iceland. This region is covered in ancient lava with rivers, hot springs, canyons and mini forests. One of the first areas to be settled by Vikings, it is an area rich in Saga history.

Stop at the Hraunfossar falls, where water flows through interesting lava formations. Nearby is the GeoCentre where your group will stop for lunch (Lunch not included). After lunch, head to Vídgelmir, one of the world’s largest lava tube caves, situated beneath a vast lava field. Vidgelmir was created by a volcanic eruption approximately 1100 years ago. Thanks to a new walkway and lighting, you can easily and comfortably experience the cave’s enormous beauty. The lava formations and brilliant colours are unforgettable. You´ll be accompanied by certified caving guides who will share their knowledge about Vidgelmir.

Afterwards, Stop at Deildartunguhver where you can view rushing and churning hot springs, the most powerful of their kind in Europe. Nearby is the town of Reykholt, located at the former home of one of Iceland‘s most important (and unique) personalities. Snorri Sturluson was an ambitious 13th century chieftain and author of Icelandic sagas that are now world famous. You can still see the old stone-lined hot spring pool where he once bathed.

Afterwards head to your hotel for the night. Dinner is on your own at the hotel. If the weather conditions are right, you might be able to see the mesmerising Northern Lights.

Dinner is on your own. Overnight in the Reykholt/Husafell area

Optional visit to Krauma Hot Springs.

Day 2  : Reykholt – Husafell – Langjökull Glacier – Borgarfjordur – Borgarnes - Reykjavik (96 mi)

Breakfast at your hotel. Yesterday you experienced the power of fire and lava. Today you will experience the power of ice! Head into the vast highland wilderness dominated by Langjokull, Iceland’s second largest glacier. Board a specially modified glacier truck that will bring you up the slopes of the glacier, towards the entry to the Into the Glacier ice tunnel and ice cave. This man-made experience is located in the heart of Langjokull where you can experience the hidden and beautiful blue ice. An expert guide will accompany you through the tunnels of the glacier, giving you information about the glacier’s history and formation. You’ll also learn why glaciers are so important to Iceland’s geology.

Drive through the pretty landscape of the Borgarfjörður region, enjoying views of tiny forests, lava fields and mountains. Stop for a visit at Stedji microbrewery. Located on a family farm, the high quality Stedji brews excellent craft beer, including some unique flavours. Sample some for yourself and see how the beer is made at the brewery’s Guest Centre.

Tour arrives in Reykjavik in the evening. The tour ends at the designated drop-off location (see your confirmation for details). Please note during the winter arrival times may vary based on the weather and road conditions.


This tour does not include pre or post hotel nights in Reykjavik. We will be happy to assist you in booking your Reykjavik accommodation. Please let us know at booking time if you would like us to arrange Reykjavik accommodations.