Whale safari

We cruise by boat into the Disko Bay to spot whales. In the summer time humpback whales come to the Disko Bay to feed on capelin, a small herring-like fish. As the humpback whales are a protected species they are very trusting and can often be enjoyed at close range. Please be aware that we are not visiting a zoo and therefore we cannot guarantee that the whales will 'visit' our boat! Packed lunch included.

6-Day Southbound Norway Coastal Voyage was a remarkable experience of fantastic natural beauty. We have just finished this cruise. We enjoyed the beautiful views during all the cruise. The food on the boat was excellent, varied and plentiful. The crew was helpful and friendly, and very professional. We went on 2 trips. The trips were expensive, but if this is once a lifetime cruise we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could. The cabin was comfortable. On a downside, there was no entertainment on the boat, just the fantastic scenery. All in all, we loved this cruise and recommend it to everybody. Angela M. Barrett, Italy
Angela M. Barrett, Italy