September 05, 2014

Review about Northern Lights in Style - small group by Wilson Kaprelian

Rating: 5
Dear Bobby, My wife and I send our thanks. You really helped us plan such a wonderful Iceland Northern Lights tour and we can't thank you enough for your patience with us. I know we changed our plans more than a couple of times but this was our first time Iceland and first time Northern Lights :-), so obviously we had our doubts and questions.. I don't really have any complaints as I feel everything went as planned and the time allotted for each destination was favorable. The weather was cold and sometimes very rainy, but we expected that and dressed accordingly. It did not damper our moods in the slightest. We loved the country and all it threw our way. The hotels were cozy, and I really liked our guides. Please tell them thanks for us. If we ever plan to head out on another Iceland tour, you will be receiving a call, that's for sure. Cheers, Wilson Kaprelian
Wilson Kaprelian
Iceland Northern Lights tour with luxury accommodations and small group will insure that you travel in style and comfort , to complete it we will do our best to ensure that you will catch a glimpse of the ever elusive Northern Lights.