Airzafari Plus tour

Arctic Adventure, together with AirZafari Greenland, offer sightseeing flights and photo safaris in a 5-seat aircraft. This unforgettable longer tour offers a flight in low altitude over the Kangerlussuaq area, with the Inland Ice Cap in the back ground - and with a high certainty of viewing Musk Oxen. Window seats guaranteed and every passenger is provided with an Active Noise Reduction Headset. Minimum 4 pax.

We booked the South Iceland Winter Explorer, Super Jeep Adventure and had a very special time in Iceland. We wanted to see the beautiful countryside, possible only by jeep in winter so we opted for this tour. The trip exceeded our expectations. Right from booking, your and your partners in Iceland service was excellent. The guide was really knowledgable, telling us plenty of things about Iceland along the way and paying our attention to the most interesting points! We also had some time to stroke the Icelandic horses! The mountain road was a real challenge and super exciting. Our driver seemed very professional so we were not scared at all. All in all a superb adventure and I highly recommend it! P. Austen