February 02, 2024

Luxury Glamping in Greenland - Saqqaq Camp

Nestled along the enchanting western shores of Greenland, just 10 km north of the famous Ilulissat ice fjord, you'll find the alluring village of Saqqaq. In this vast and peaceful realm, time seems to flow at a unique pace. Accessible exclusively by boat or helicopter, Saqqaq reveals a world unaffected by the swift currents of modernity. Enter this picturesque settlement and immerse yourself in a community where the enduring traditions of life hold strong. Saqqaq holds a special place as one of the country's earliest Inuit settlements. Featuring six tents, inside, you'll find spacious accommodations adorned with full-size beds, luxuriously soft arctic-grade linens, cozy reading chairs, and ambient lighting. For your convenience, each teepee boasts a private bathroom equipped with hot water showers, separation toilets, and locally crafted bath products Indulge in a culinary experience with three gourmet meals daily, complemented by snacks, picnics, and barbecues. Immerse yourself in the flavors of locally brewed beer and boutique wines from Denmark's premier winery, accompanied by refreshing soft drinks and pure spring water. As part of your inclusive package, enjoy private guided experiences, ensuring a personalized and enriching stay. Throughout your time, a dedicated private host will be there to enhance your overall experience.




Embark on an exhilarating journey with activities such as fishing to capture the thrill, refreshing swims in the Arctic Ocean, paddleboarding amidst icebergs, and invigorating hikes through stunning landscapes. Participate in whale safaris and engage with Greenlandic dogs for an authentic experience. Immerse yourself in the local culture by sharing coffee moments with the residents, joining in fishing activities, and learning traditional techniques like fish drying or smoking. Our diverse activities cater to all skill levels, ensuring an extraordinary and inclusive experience for everyone. Rise and shine, ready for the day's adventures of great importance! The tent provides a 22 cm deep luxury, eco-friendly mattress with pressure-relieving memory foam. The beds are sized at 90x200 cm and can be set up as single or double beds. The sleeping tent is equipped with two duvets per person, one pillow per person, an electric heating blanket, two towels, and a bathrobe. Additionally, you'll find snacks and water, a sleeping mask, two small tables, chairs, an electric heater, insect repellent, and baskets for storage. To add to the cozy atmosphere, there are furs, candles, and fairy lights for your comfort. Enjoy a restful night in this well-equipped and inviting space. The dining tent features a built-in kitchen, inviting guests to observe and participate as the chef crafts fresh, gourmet meals. Hosted by some of the region's finest chefs, Kiattua takes pride in offering gourmet dishes inspired by local ingredients. Often, we personally forage for wild berries, mushrooms, and herbal teas, while pristine fish and seafood are sourced from the fjord just off camp, and local hunters supply reindeer and muskox. In addition to premium spirits and boutique wines from Denmark's premier winery, as well as craft beers from a small brewery in Nuuk, we offer the option to pre-order international wines, champagnes, and spirits to meet your preferences. The dining tent can accommodate ten guests simultaneously, providing an intimate and exceptional dining experience. Breakfast buffet: Whenever you want it, but always a hearty buffet including fresh bread, pancakes, homemade jams, cheese board, smoked fish, sausages, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, eggs, bacon, coffee, teas, and infusions. Lunch example: Grilled musk ox hot dog wrapped in bacon with chutney, soft-fried onions, marinated fresh cucumber salad, lettuce, French fries, and dip with Labrador Tea. One day this could also be a traditional BBQ at an ancient burial ground overlooking the ice fjords. At traditional Inuit camps, flat rocks were often used instead of frying pans to cook over the fire.



Dinner example: Starter: Smoked halibut with salad and cucumber or Snow crab bisque with crab meat and garlic oil Main menu: Grilled catfish with cauliflower, lemon blanquet, and citrus herbs or Greenland halibut jaws served with roasted potatoes, puréed celery root from chiffon, and parsley foam. Dessert: White and dark chocolate mousse with Greenlandic rhubarb June: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Greenland during the extraordinary phenomenon of the midnight sun. From June until mid-July, experience a surreal landscape bathed in endless daylight, as the sun never sets. Explore under the never-ending sunlit sky, allowing for extended moments of awe-inspiring discovery in Greenland's stunning natural surroundings. July: As summer progresses, witness an abundance of marine life in Greenland's waters. Marvel at the majestic presence of migrating whales, creating unforgettable encounters. It's also the ideal time to try your hand at fishing for the prized Arctic char, satisfying your adventurous spirit. August: In August, delight in the opportunity to forage for berries and various herbs in Greenland's pristine landscapes. Indulge in the flavors of the wild as you discover nature's pantry, gathering fresh and flavorful ingredients. Keep an eye out for the mesmerizing Northern Lights, which begin to grace the night skies with their captivating display as the month progresses. September: Experience a unique blend of tranquility and natural wonders in Greenland during September. With the departure of mosquitoes, enjoy serene surroundings without any bothersome insects. As the evenings grow darker, the Northern Lights become a regular spectacle, painting the skies with vibrant colors. Embrace the beauty of the fall season as vibrant autumn hues blanket the landscape, creating a picturesque setting for exploration and reflection. No matter which month you choose to visit Greenland, each offers its own special allure and captivating experiences, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Every tent undergoes daily cleaning, meticulously carried out during the hours when clients are out enjoying their adventures. The sheets, towels, and bathrobes are maintained unless a guest specifically requests a change, ensuring a consistent and comfortable experience throughout their stay. During the client's dinner, the tent is prepared for the night. This means that all lights and candles are lit, we fire up the heaters and turn on the heating blankets. In this way, the tents are nice and warm when the clients return to their tents for the night. Each day, we offer a thoughtful amenity by providing a bottle of water and snacks in the tents, featuring a selection of chocolate, assorted nuts, and dried fruits. In the dining tent, a variety of refreshments are always available, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine, and other beverages to enhance your overall experience. Each day, we offer a thoughtful amenity by providing a bottle of water and snacks in the tents, featuring a selection of chocolate, assorted nuts, and dried fruits. In the dining tent, a variety of refreshments are always available, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine, and other beverages to enhance your overall experience. Our water supply is sourced from the nearby river, replenished by one of the glacial meltwater streams that provides water to the entire village. This ensures a fresh and abundant source for our camp. Both the kitchen and toilets are equipped with running water, offering both hot and cold options for your convenience and comfort. Furthermore, all tents come equipped with electricity. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances if the standard voltage in your country is between 220 - 240 V, as is typical in the UK, Europe, Australia, and most of Asia and Africa. Waste Management: All non-organic waste generated at the camp undergoes careful transportation back to the village for proper disposal. Within the camp, we prioritize responsible organic waste management by collecting it separately, returning it to nature for recycling within the food chain. Wastewater is directed to a designated dry well. To maintain environmental harmony, we kindly request the use of only organic soap. Mosquitoes: While Greenland boasts breathtaking natural beauty, it's important to note the presence of mosquitoes. Our tents are equipped with quality insect repellent, after-bite lotion, and mosquito nets to ensure a pleasant experience in the midst of nature. We prioritize eco-friendly practices by refraining from using harmful chemicals. Luggage Assistance: Upon guests' arrival or departure from Saqqaq, our staff will assist with transporting luggage to and from the small village harbor. We recommend traveling relatively light and suggest packing in waterproof suitcases or duffel bags for added convenience.