Boat excursion to the Inland Ice Cap

By boat to the Inland Ice Cap and the Twin Glaciers. If weather permits we may go ashore very close to glaciers. From here we get the chance to see the Ice Cap from below, and feel the massive power of nature. This tour is guided and includes lunch.

Dear Susie, Thank you for helping us plan and book our Baltic tour last month! We had a great time together and really enjoyed getting to know the other people in our group, too. Our guide, Eriks, was very intelligent and knew a lot about each country. His English was also spectacular. We made an instant connection and now I think I've made a friend for life! :) The tours in each new place were all very interesting and educational. I felt there was a great mix of things, like seeing the beautiful architecture and learning about the history of the churches and buildings, but we also spent plenty of time outdoors, too, experiencing the nature and scenery of each city. Thanks again for your help and guidance, if I travel the Baltics in the future, you'll be the first to know. Janet Fulrich