Erik the Red's Viking Ruins

We cross Erik's Fjord by boat and go ashore at the sheep breeding settlement Qassiarsuk, situated on the very spot where Erik the Red settled in 985 AD and named his farm "Brattahlið". We visit the ruins of Erik's farm and Thorhildur's church, the first Christian church on the American continent. This tour is guided.

It was a great vacation and the trip was well worth the effort. Just a couple of suggestions. You may want to let everyone know that many of the roads are gravel and that a 4W drive is probably the best choice for a vehicle otherwise you will lose out in some opportunities to see some sights. Also give a warning that some of the hotels don't have elevators so pack light. One hotel - the guest house borgatun although ok from a safely and basic living perspective was not something that I would recommend as an introduction to Iceland. It is more backpacker oriented. The rest of the hotels were fine. There were also a couple of sights that we picked up on that were not in the guide but overall it was quite comprehensive. The extreme Iceland tour to thorsmork was also great and there should be a recommendation to bring really waterproof boots and hiking gear as you have to cross rivers stepping-over rocks but eventually you will take a dip! Overall I would recommend Iceland to only those who like the outdoors and are willing to put in some physical effort otherwise you will be disappointed - but we certainly we not.