Erik the Red's Viking Ruins

We cross Erik's Fjord by boat and go ashore at the sheep breeding settlement Qassiarsuk, situated on the very spot where Erik the Red settled in 985 AD and named his farm "Brattahlið". We visit the ruins of Erik's farm and Thorhildur's church, the first Christian church on the American continent. This tour is guided.

Hello Bobby, Wanted to reach out and thank you for arranging such a nice Iceland vacation for me and my wife. We were looking to get away for just a few days, so I think this tour worked out perfectly for us. We got to see so much in a short amount of time. I really liked our tour guides and think they helped us relax and enjoy ourselves. I put my trust in their hands and they did not disappoint. Loved all the nature we were able to see. The Northern Lights show was extra special and I think it's something everyone should get to experience in their lifetime. Just superb. We're already talking about planning another trip to Iceland maybe next year. We'll see, I'll be in touch! Regards, Devin Helton
Devin Helton