Erik the Red's Viking Ruins

We cross Erik's Fjord by boat and go ashore at the sheep breeding settlement Qassiarsuk, situated on the very spot where Erik the Red settled in 985 AD and named his farm "Brattahlið". We visit the ruins of Erik's farm and Thorhildur's church, the first Christian church on the American continent. This tour is guided.

We had an absolutely terrific time on our tour in Iceland. Our guide Gunar was an exceptional guide. He was very professional and friendly, telling us about various places we visited special things known to experts only. The time management was perfect. There was no rush and we managed to be on time everywhere and also had some personal time to enjoy the beauties, as well. Iceland was presented to us in all its beauty, extraordinary culture, history, and people. Our group was of excellent size, all fellow travelers very friendly and everyone got along extremely well. All in all, we had a super fantastic time. Thank you! Carla & Fabio Zujev