Aurora Borealis Sleigh Ride

Min 4 Persons
19:00 – 22:00
During this brisk safari you can just sit back and enjoy the view and ride! Your guide will take you up to the fell districtto see the beautiful hilltop scenery with unlimited views of the northern sky. Your journey will head towards a beautiful fell cabin where you can enjoy warm berry juice while admiring the nature. If you are lucky, the sky will be clear to see the moon, the stars and even the Northern lights may appear

Thank you for all your work on our Iceland tour package. Everything was really wonderful! My husband did fine with his cane and they were very accommodating to me about eating fish. What a diverse and beautiful country! The choice of driver and guide were excellent! They added a lot to our insight. It was a great group of 15 people from all over the world with even a wedding for 1 couple which was fun. Our Iceland trip was everything we hoped it would be! Does your company travel to other places? We would certainly like to go with you again. Thanks for everything, Lois Benningfield