Aurora Borealis Sleigh Ride

Min 4 Persons
19:00 – 22:00
During this brisk safari you can just sit back and enjoy the view and ride! Your guide will take you up to the fell districtto see the beautiful hilltop scenery with unlimited views of the northern sky. Your journey will head towards a beautiful fell cabin where you can enjoy warm berry juice while admiring the nature. If you are lucky, the sky will be clear to see the moon, the stars and even the Northern lights may appear

Wonderful trip with a private car and driver. This arrangement suited our personalities and desires to see the landscape, photo opportunities, beaks when we wished, not having to worry about navigating and allowing both parties to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Our tour guide born and raised in Iceland knew his history, geology, geography and Viking history and myth so well we also learned many things along the way. Kari accommodated us in everyway and ensure we were well looked after. So not only his knowledge was great he was very personable. You could tell he paid very close attention to our wishes, desires and attributes about ourselves. Definitely very well skilled in dealing with people. The journey was well planned out and allowed us to see much of the country with its diverse scenery so well done. In hindsight I would probably should have added a few more days and spent bit more time in the northern section. Hotel Ranga, Fosshotel's, and Centrum hotel were the most noted as being especially nice and welcoming. The others were great but the tree mentioned had staff that made a point of knowing you and being accommodating. The Kyria was very nice but very new and very young staff and think in time it will be a great hotel once construction is completed and the staff become bit more experienced. Overall one of my most memorable trips. Thank you Alex for arranging! Best regards celia & torben Jensen / Canada