Sami Reindeer Farm & Sleigh Ride

Meet the traditional Sami farmers who will tell you about the reindeer, the Sami and teach you to throw Suopunki (Sami lasso). On sleighs for two people, pulled by your reindeer you will experience this traditional and peaceful way of moving through white landscape over the lake and through the forest where the only sound you will hear is the melody of reindeer bells. A typical three course lunch is included at the farm.
The journey continues south to Sinettä on the twisting roads through the snowy forest to arrive at the unique Arctic SnowHotel, where you will check-in to your private Glass Igloo. Enjoy the warmth of your Glass Igloo and weather permitting, you can marvel at the amazing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the millions of stars from your bed.
In the evening, you are invited for a traditional Lappish three course dinner in a magnificent wooden “Kota” where fresh salmon is slowly grilled over the fire on a huge fire pit in the center. Overnight in Sinettä

Dear Susie, Thank you so much for helping me plan this trip to the Baltic countries! I wanted to do something special and different for my mom for her 60th birthday, and this trip was just up her alley. We had a wonderful time together, exploring a part of the world neither of us had ever been. I didn't know much about Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia but always thought they looked like such gorgeous places, so I'm glad I went ahead and booked the tour for us. I must say our guide, Dahlia, was very knowledgeable and her English was very good. I know sometimes with tour guides, it's hard to understand them at times through their accents, but that wasn't the case with Dahlia. She gave us plenty of one on one time and answered all of our questions. We had a nice size group, about 12 or so people and we got along with everyone just fine. If I could say anything sort of critical about the tours, I would suggest less time in Nida. Not that our time wasn't spent wisely, but I was just anxious to move on to the next place. It was a beautiful city though, that's for sure, and the Nidos hotel was in a really pretty location, right on the water. I'd have no problem recommending your company to friends. Thanks again, our Baltic tour was full of memories I'll cherish forever. Natalie Yesenia
Natalie Yesenia