Snowmobile Search For Aurora Borealis

18:00 –22:00 
Snack included
Come and experience an exotic Arctic evening by driving through snow-covered forests and over treeless fells. With a little luck, if the sky is clear, the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show you the way. The safari is heading to the Igloo site, where you have the possibilityto roam around the forest nearby, and watch the Northern Lights show inside the igloo. During the trip your guide will build an open fire and you can enjoy a snack by the camp fire.
*Note: To drive a snow mobile in Finland you must have a valid driver’s license from a country of issue which has signed the Road Traffic Convention of Geneva. Borealis Destination Management cannot accept responsibility for licenses that are not accepted. Please consult if you have any doubts

Enjoyed every day immensely. Touring was very well paced and managed to include so much without fatigue. Theme of glaciers and volcanos was carried through effectively. Loved both the official tour stops as well as some impromptu activities. Group got along well and respected others in following the schedule. Although the pace was very relaxing, in the end it felt like twice as much time had passed based on all that we had done. I also discovered I’m in love with the Westman Islands for multiple reasons. Overall, a wonderful vacation.