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Explore Scandinavia

13 days
12 nights






$ 5,950.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 7,550.00 (single)




Helsinki - Hotel Indigo Blu 4*
Stockholm - Frey Hotel 4*
Oslo - Thon Opera Hotel 4*
Flam - Frethheim Hotel 4*
Bergen - Thon Hotel Rozenkrantz 4*
Copenhagen - Absalon City Hotel 4*

depending on your dates and availability these hotels may be substituted by similar category and location


Accommodations at 4* centrally located hotels
Helsinki - 2 nights
Stockholm - 2 nights
Oslo - 2 nights
Flam - 1 night
Bergen - 2 nights
Copenhagen - 2 nights

Daily breakfast

Overnight ferry Helsinki to Stockholm in 1st class seaview cabins
Fast train Stockholm - Olso
Bergen Railway Oslo - Myrdal
Flam Railway Myrdal - Flam
Express Boat Flam - Bergen
One-way flight Bergen - Copenhagen

Private Transfers
Helsinki Airport to hotel
Bergen hotel to Bergen Airport
Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen hotel
Copenhagen hotel to Copenhagen Airport

Luggage Handling
Your luggage is transferred from Oslo to Bergen by a special luggage company while you travel in the fjords with overnight bags

* All other transfers can be done walking (10 minutes) or short taxi ride (not included)

Private Walking Tour of Helsinki - 3 hours
Private Walking Tour of Stockholm - 4 hours
Private Food and Culture Walk in Stockholm - 3 hours
Private Walking Tour of Oslo and Vigeland Park - 4 hours
Private Food and Culture Walk in Bergen - 2.5 hours
Private Walking tour of Copenhagen - 3 hours



Day 1  : Arrival in Helsinki

Upon arrival, private transfer to your hotel. 

Helsinki is a captivating blend of modernity and natural beauty. It's a city where contemporary architecture meets stunning waterfronts and lush green spaces. With a strong design aesthetic, a thriving cultural scene, and a relaxed atmosphere, Helsinki offers a harmonious balance between urban sophistication and tranquil nature. Rich in history and innovation, it's a city that effortlessly combines Scandinavian charm with a creative edge, inviting exploration and appreciation at every turn.

Overnight in Helsinki.

Day 2  : Helsinki

Private Walking Tour of Helsinki

The guide will lead you along the main streets and squares, show the busiest, most popular and less visited, peaceful parts of the city. You will occasionally hop on a tram or city bus, like citizens do, to cut distance, but nothing is far apart in Helsinki.

See the beautiful and unique architecture, old and new, and understand Finnish character through the city's monuments and history. On this private, easygoing and flexible walk, stop for anything to shop, eat or have a rest - the walk's pace will count on your time and needs.

Overnight in Helsinki (B)

Day 3  : Helsinki - Stockholm

Free Day Overnight ferry to Stockholm

Free day in Helsinki. Transfer to the ferry terminal by taxi.

An overnight ferry journey from Helsinki to Stockholm is an enchanting experience, offering a blend of comfort, relaxation, and scenic beauty. The ferry has modern amenities akin to mini-cruise ships, ensuring a pleasant voyage between the capitals of Finland and Sweden.

Overnight ferry to Stockholm (B)

Day 4  : Stockholm

Private Stockholm Food Tour

Arrive to Stockholm in the morning and transfer to the hotel by taxi.

In the afternoon, visit local restaurants shaping Sweden's culinary landscape. Join our small group to uncover the history, origins, and factors contributing to Sweden's rise as a premier food destination for locals and global adventurers. Enjoy a flavorful experience with food tastings, immersing you in Sweden's gastronomic evolution!

Overnight in Stockholm (B)

Day 5  : Stockholm

Private Stockholm Tour by Public Transport

Stockholm earns its nickname "Beauty on Water" or "Venice of the North" owing to its construction across 14 islands, surrounded by Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The city's majestic public structures, palaces, rich cultural heritage, and museums eloquently narrate its 700-year history.

Your host will pick you up at the hotel. Take a leisurely walk through the city, marveling at its stunning architecture. Experience a unique ride on the metro, witnessing renowned subway art at various stops. Delve into Stockholm's concealed artistic treasures, like the expansive Snösätra Graffiti Park, known as Europe's largest street art exhibit. 
Explore Gamla Stan (Old Town), a charming district featuring cobblestone pathways, beautifully preserved slightly askew buildings, The Royal Palace, Gothic churches, and a plethora of outstanding cafés, bars, restaurants, and shops offering Swedish design ware.

Overnight in Stockholm (B)

Day 6  : Stockholm - Oslo

Fast Train to Oslo

The hotel is located within 10 minute walk to the Central Train Station. Walk or take a taxi on your own.

Travel thru a Scandinavia countryside onboard a high-speed SJ train connecting the capitals of Sweden and Norway from one city center to another in as little as 5 hours.

Upon arrival in Oslo, walk to your hotel or take a short taxi-ride. 

Overnight in Oslo (B)

Day 7  : Oslo

Private Walking Tour of Oslo

The guide will meet you in hotel lobby.

The tour includes: City centre - Oslo of the 19th century: Royal Palace, Parliament, Karl Johan – the main street, Oslo Fjord, Aker Brygge (former ship yard), Medieval Fortress Akershus, Kvadraturen, the 17th century Oslo, Cathedral Domkirke, New National Opera House, Oslo Fjord, City Hall - short visit. Nobel Peace Prize. One or two of the museums of your choice in Bygdoy ie the Viking Skip Museum or Polar Ship Fram. Or the National Gallery (closed on Mondays). Vigeland Sculpture Park - a walking tour in the park.

Overnight in Oslo (B)

Day 8  : Oslo - Myrdal - Flam

Explore the famous Norwegian Fjords

The Bergen Railway's journey from Oslo to Myrdal is renowned as one of the globe's finest train voyages. While the ride spans a considerable duration, its scenic splendor makes it a recommended daytime excursion. Covering a distance of 226 kilometers (140 miles), the Oslo to Myrdal route typically takes around 5 hours and 32 minutes.

Upon arrival in Myrdal, transfer to the Flåm Railway. The Flåm Railway embarks from the lofty Myrdal mountain station, situated 867 meters above sea level on the Bergen Line, descending to Flåm at a mere 2 meters above sea level at the head of Aurlandsfjord. Spanning 20 kilometers, this train journey offers a breathtaking showcase of Norway's most stunning and splendid natural landscapes, showcasing Norwegian engineering excellence. Renowned globally, the Flåm Railway boasts one of the world's steepest track sections on standard tracks. Its fame lies in the remarkable series of twisting tunnels carved through the mountainscape. Remarkably, 18 of the 20 tunnels on this railway were crafted by hand.

This remarkable route traverses rivers carving through deep gorges, cascading waterfalls tumbling down sheer mountain slopes, and snow-capped peaks adorned with tiny farms clinging precariously to steep inclines. A voyage aboard the Flåm Railway is an immersive journey through the heart of Norwegian nature.

In the afternoon, enjoy a Heritage Taste Fjord Safari: A 3-hour adventure on a RIB-boat that includes traditional Norwegian cheese

Overnight in Flam (B)

Day 9  : Flam - Bergen

Express Boat to Bergen

The express boat journey from Flåm to Bergen is a scenic and swift maritime adventure, offering travelers a unique way to traverse the stunning Norwegian coastline. The boat navigates through the majestic Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord, offering passengers breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and serene landscapes.

Arrival to Bergen. Walk or taxi to the hotel.

Overnight in Bergen (B)

Day 10  : Bergen

Private Food and Culture Tour of Bergen

A food and culture walk in Bergen is a delightful immersion into the city's culinary offerings and rich heritage. The tour blends the exploration of cultural landmarks with tasting sessions of traditional Norwegian cuisine and local delicacies. Here's what you might experience on a Bergen food and culture walk:

  1. Historical Sites: Your walk may begin with visits to historical landmarks such as Bryggen, the UNESCO-listed wharf area with colorful wooden buildings, and Hanseatic Museum to learn about Bergen's trading history.

  2. Local Markets: Explore local markets like Fish Market (Fisketorget) or Mathallen to witness a vibrant display of fresh seafood, artisanal products, and regional specialties. You might get a chance to taste freshly caught fish or other local treats.

  3. Cultural Insights: Guides often share insights into Norwegian culture, traditions, and the significance of certain foods within the local diet while walking through the city streets.

  4. Tasting Stops: These tours usually include multiple tasting stops where you'll sample a variety of Norwegian dishes such as smoked salmon, traditional cheeses like brunost, locally produced meats, cloudberries, or even traditional pastries like skillingsbolle.

  5. Local Stories: Guides may share anecdotes and stories about Bergen's history, its people, and how food intertwines with the city's culture.

  6. Hidden Gems: Discover hidden culinary gems, cozy cafes, or small eateries that locals frequent for authentic Norwegian flavors.

  7. Interactive Experience: Some tours offer interactive experiences like cooking demonstrations or workshops where you can learn to prepare Norwegian dishes.

  8. Cultural Context: Throughout the walk, you'll likely gain insights into how Norwegian cuisine is influenced by the region's geography, climate, and cultural traditions.

Ultimately, a Bergen food and culture walk is an excellent way to not only savor delicious Norwegian food but also gain a deeper understanding of the city's history, culture, and culinary heritage.

Day 11  : Bergen - Copenhagen

Free morning in Bergen. In the afternoon, a private transfer to the airport. An easy 1-hour flight will take you to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Upon arrival, a private transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Copenhagen (B)

Day 12  : Copenhagen

Private Walking Copenhagen City Tour

Today enjoy a half-day private tour of Copenhagen. Dive into Copenhagen's captivating blend of history and modernity. Explore iconic attractions like the renowned Little Mermaid and the elegant Royal Palace Amalienborg, showcasing the city's rich heritage. Take a leisurely stroll through Nyhavn, once a bustling port turned into a vibrant hub for tourists. Keep an eye out for house number 20, once the residence of the famous writer H.C. Andersen. During summer, Nyhavn becomes a charming spot to unwind after a day of exploration.

Free afternoon.

Overnight in Copenhagen (B)

Day 13  : Departure from Copenhagen

Private transfer to the airport (B).