Hike on the Cecily trail

Discover different Arctic plants and beautiful icebergs floating in the Disko Bay on this guided full-day hike along the coast. Your guide tells you about the Cecily trail, named after an annual run from Rodebay to Ilulissat. It is commonly used both by locals and tourists for dog sledding in winter and trekking tours in summer. Packed lunch included. Please note: You have to be in good physical shape to participate in this tour.

Hi Dora, Just writing to let you know how our tour of Iceland was. It started out on a rough note because I realized I left my passport at home so we had to rush back and retrieve it, but luckily we don't live too far away from the airport so we were able to get back in time to catch our flight! It definitely shook us up a bit and we thought maybe this was a sign that our trip would be a disaster but we couldn't have been more wrong. Once we got to Iceland our troubles melted away and we were able to enjoy ourselves. The group we were with was a lot of fun and we were able to bond with people our age. Spending New Years in Iceland was so cool and it's something I'll never forget. The whole trip was remarkable! It must have been hard to organize but it worked out flawlessly and seemed to go according to plan, so cheers to that. Not only did we get to experience the amazing scenery but we also had an educational visit and got to learn about Icelandic horses, visited a folk museum, and even got the history of most of the waterfalls and geysers thanks to our incredible tour guides. Please send them our deepest thanks! If we tour Iceland in the future, you will be the first person that I call. Thank you from the both of us, Patricia and Vince Moore