Hike to Kvanefjeld

We drive to the end of the road before beginning a medium grade hike to the mountain Kvanefjeldet which is famous for its great variety of minerals. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the area and discovery the rich diversity in flora and fauna whilst the guide will tell you about the previous and current plans for mining in this area.

This tour was about the outstanding views and the experiences. I should say the food on the ship was outstanding , too, especially if you like fish. The crew was super - friendly, helpful, and very efficient indeed. The crew made our trip very special. The crossing of the Arctic Circle is fun! We picked some excursions which we enjoyed. We didn't go on a lot of excursions as we didn't want to miss some points of interest and ports. The boat is absolutely fine, with a large viewing deck at the back We had one night of quite rough weather but most of the trip is in sheltered water and it was not an issue. We enjoyed this outstanding trip very much! Coren G T