Hike to Sermermiut

By bus as far as the road goes. Then a beautiful guided walk along the UNESCO World Heritage designated Ilulissat Ice Fjord to Sermermiut where traces from the 3 old Inuit cultures can still be found. Sermermiut is a fertile valley next to the Ice Fjord; here you can enjoy the flowers as well as the fantastic icebergs. Great photo opportunities! Light refreshments included.

Bobby, Wanted to shoot a quick message your way and tell you how much I appreciated your help with our trip to the Baltic countries. Those three countries were very spectacular and you were right about everything you mentioned! With all of your knowledge of that region, it definitely helped prepare us for the trip. The guides were also spectacular, can't say enough great things about them. Please tell them how grateful we were for the their help. There were numerous sights we enjoyed, like all of the churches and many old buildings. Of course the hotels were great to see as well. The city tours were all organized nicely and covered a lot of history. Thanks again for making our Baltic tour a success. Jim and Carly King