Hike to Sermermiut

By bus as far as the road goes. Then a beautiful guided walk along the UNESCO World Heritage designated Ilulissat Ice Fjord to Sermermiut where traces from the 3 old Inuit cultures can still be found. Sermermiut is a fertile valley next to the Ice Fjord; here you can enjoy the flowers as well as the fantastic icebergs. Great photo opportunities! Light refreshments included.

Klauster: too many days; the redundancy across days 4-8 is disappointing (you can do on day 5 or 7, but once done..?) Borgarnes was great. Hotel and food accommodations in Hella are subpar. Concierge at Grand Hotel (Frances Harber?) is exceptional. Some supplemental info detailing all the support the Lenovo tablet can provide would be great, at least for those who haven’t grown up using powerful hand-held devices (what was the SIM card for?). The day 4 drive is pretty gruesome. The food and wine selections (including at Icelandic Hotels), except in Reykjavik, was mediocre, given the expense, although, again, Borgarnes was better than most of the others. The views are spectacular. The weather was pretty much as expected and we lucked out on Days 1-4 and then again on 8 (?) when on the lagoon (which everyone should do!!). The waterfalls, black sand beach and lava cave were also wonderful, the Settlement Center was great, but also great was the local museum there. The national museum in Reykjavik should also not be missed. We don’t know how wonderful the people are since we may not have met a single native Icelander! All wait staff were from foreign countries.
Dr Peter Stacpoole