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Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

4 days
3 nights






$ 2,050.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 2,410.00 (single occupancy)


Jun 10, 2023 - Jun 13, 2023 
Jun 14, 2023 - Jun 17, 2023 
Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 20, 2023 
Jun 21, 2023 - Jun 24, 2023 
Jun 24, 2023 - Jun 27, 2023 
Jun 28, 2023 - Jul 01, 2023 
Jul 01, 2023 - Jul 04, 2023 
Jul 05, 2023 - Jul 08, 2023 
Jul 08, 2023 - Jul 11, 2023 
Jul 12, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023 
Jul 15, 2023 - Jul 18, 2023 
Jul 19, 2023 - Jul 22, 2023 
Jul 22, 2023 - Jul 25, 2023 
Jul 29, 2023 - Aug 01, 2023 
Aug 02, 2023 - Aug 05, 2023 
Aug 05, 2023 - Aug 08, 2023 
Aug 09, 2023 - Aug 12, 2023 
Aug 12, 2023 - Aug 15, 2023 
Aug 16, 2023 - Aug 19, 2023 
Aug 19, 2023 - Aug 22, 2023 
Aug 23, 2023 - Aug 26, 2023 
Aug 26, 2023 - Aug 29, 2023 
Aug 30, 2023 - Sep 02, 2023 


Hotel Arctic 4*


  • Return flights Keflavík International Airport – Ilulissat
  • Transfers from airport to hotel (return)
  • 3 nights at Hotel Arctic with private facilities
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome dinner on the first day (excl. beverages)
  • Farewell dinner on the last night (excl. beverages)
  • Welcome meeting upon arrival*
  • Hike to Sermermiut by Ilulissat Icefjord (2 hours)
  • Midnight sailing at Ilulissat Icefjord (2½ hours)
  • Day cruise to the Eqi glacier (6-12 hours)
  • All flight/transportation taxes and fees known to Greenland Travel at the time of publishing
  • 20 kg of checked baggage and 8 kg of cabin baggage

Highlights & Experience:

  • Stay in the Town of Icebergs, Ilulissat
  • Sail among gigantic icebergs
  • Experience dramatic, calving glaciers
  • Delve into authentic town and settlement living
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Ice Fjord up close


Visit the huge icebergs in Greenland at the Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Disko Bay. Enjoy whale watching, sailing, and hiking near icebergs under the midnight sun.

Day 1  : Ilulissat

Hike to the Ice Fjord and the abandoned Sermermiut settlement

Fly directly from Keflavík International Airport to Ilulissat. You are picked up at the airport, and we will drive you to the Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat.

The flight is in itself quite an adventure as you cruise at low altitude over the Inland Ice Cap as you prepare for landing in Ilulissat.

After arrival, a guide from our local excursion office will welcome you and inform you about the different excursions available but also about experiences you can make on your own during your stay in Ilulissat.

Hike to the Ice Fjord and the abandoned Sermermiut settlement 

Beautiful icebergs provide the setting for the old settlement of Sermermiut, 1.5 kilometers south of Ilulissat. For 4,000 years, different Inuit cultures lived in the settlement and, today, you can still see the remains, which indicate their former presence.

Hear the story about the life of the Inuit people and their traditions before the Europeans came to Greenland. See the ruins and touch the permafrost with your own hands. Visitors often ask if they can walk these treks themselves? The answer is yes. But it is our experience that most people prefer having a guide with them the first time they hike in Greenlandic nature.

Furthermore, historic places will be pointed out on the way, and these can be difficult to find on your own.  You will have a coffee or tea break at “Kællingekløften” with a beautiful view of the Ice Fjord before you head back.

Welcome dinner at Hotel Arctic.

Day 2  : Ilulissat

Sailing among the icebergs

You have the whole morning to explore Illulissat on your own. In the afternoon, it is time to get ready for the next excursion. The midnight sun makes the days very long, and you will feel full of energy to explore and take advantage of the entire day.

The sunny nights can only be experienced north of the Arctic Circle where the sun during summer never sets behind the horizon. In Ilulissat, the midnight sun is present from May 22 to July 24, but also throughout August, there will be very bright nights.

Sailing among the icebergs 

Almost every visitor in Ilulissat chooses to try this boat trip among the icebergs at least once. Every day, more than 40 million tonnes of ice flow out into the fjord. The floating icebergs are gigantic, sometimes wider than 100 meters and with a height up to 100 meters above the water surface as well.

These giants pile up at the end of the fjord, providing you with a great opportunity to sail among them. You should not miss out on this exceptional experience when visiting Ilulissat. The icebergs are a wonderful sight in every kind of weather; in the sunshine, the contrasts are very clear, whereas the blue shades are strikingly beautiful when it is cloudy, and the midnight sun casts a unique glow on the icebergs during the night.

Taking the boat trip on a bright night is an extraordinary experience. Remember to bring warm clothes – otherwise, sealskin clothing is available for rent.

Day 3  : Eqi Glacier

Full-day trip to the calving Eqi Glacier

Today, you can explore the town of Ilulissat or go with us on a boat trip to the Eqi Glacier.

Full-day trip to the calving Eqi Glacier 

Only a few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi Glacier, which runs into the fjord 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat. It is possible to get very close to the glacier by boat and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off. The sounds are thunderous, and the sight of chunks of ice crashing into the water is astonishing.

We sail in modern, comfortable boats during the excursion to Eqi Glacier. The route takes us north along the coast, passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fjord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals are often spotted.

Lunchtime and watch the ice calve

Further along the route, we pass through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steep mountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our boats, which are reinforced for sailing in icy waters, will remain in front of the glacier for approximately 2 hours and wait for the ice to calve. Meanwhile, a delicious lunch will be served. This is an all-day excursion where you will have a good opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience and fully enjoy the boat trip through the ice-filled waters.

Remember to bring warm clothes – otherwise, sealskin clothing is available for rent.

Farewell dinner at Hotel Arctic.

Day 4  : Return to Iceland

After breakfast, it’s time to return to Iceland. Having spent some memorable days in this Arctic paradise, it is time for you to fly back to Keflavík International Airport. We guarantee that you will go home full of memories that will stay with you longer than any other holiday you have been on – at least that is what other travelers tell us.

You will get a last impression of the huge icebergs in the Ilulissat Ice Fjord with a stunning view from the air above the entire area as you take off in the direction of Iceland.