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Disco Bay and Icebergs in the Midnight Sun

4 days
3 nights






$ 3,305.00 (double / twin occupancy)
$ 3,390.00 (single occupancy)
$ 135.00 (Extra night)

$ 180.00 (Whale Watching)


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Hotel Arctic 4*


  • Return flights Keflavík International Airport – Ilulissat
  • Transfers from airport to hotel (return)
  • 3 nights at Hotel Arctic with private facilities
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome dinner on the first day (excl. beverages)
  • Farewell dinner on the last night (excl. beverages)
  • All flight/transportation taxes and fees known to Greenland Travel at the time of publishing
  • 20 kg of checked baggage and 8 kg of cabin baggage

This excursion package is included in your tour program. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience the magnificent arctic nature and learn about the history and culture of the Inuit. The day trip to the beautiful Eqi Glacier allows you to get very close to the glacier by boat and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off.

  • Welcome meeting upon arrival
  • Hike to Sermermiut by Ilulissat Icefjord (2 hours)
  • Midnight sailing at Ilulissat Icefjord (2½ hours)
  • Day cruise to the Eqi glacier (6-12 hours)

Highlights & Experience:

  • Stay in the Land of Icebergs, Ilulissat
  • Sail among gigantic icebergs
  • Experience dramatic, calving glaciers
  • Delve into authentic town and settlement living
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Ice Fjord up close


Optional Services:

Whale Watching in Ilulissat 

Getting up close and personal with whales is a wonderful experience. During the summer, whales can be seen swimming in the Disco Bay. Occasionally, they are nearby, occasionally in the Ice Fjord, and occasionally in the far north. We usually find them since the fishermen and hunters inform us of their location. 

  • Whale safari in a fast boat
  • Guide
  • Information about whales
  • Coffee and tea
  • Transfer from the center of town to the harbor and back
  • Duration: 3½ hours


Two hundred and fifty kilometers north of the Arctic Circle you'll find the majestic Ilulissat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4,500 people and 2,500 sled dogs make it a bustling and active community where the past and present blend seamlessly.

Fly from Iceland to Greenland's Disko Bay to explore the massive icebergs on the Ilulissat Icefjord. Play in the midnight sun by sailing, kayaking, whale-watching, yachting, or hiking among amazing icebergs. In the Ilulissat Icefjord, we see the birth of the most prolific glacier in the northern hemisphere. It can churn out as much as 40 million tons of ice daily. As you enter Disko Bay, you'll be greeted by the stark beauty of the thousands of icebergs that make up the Arctic.

Our local partners in Ilulissat will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. A large selection of tours is available in addition to the included activities. Experience the Greenlandic way of life and beautiful nature.

Day 1  : Ilulissat - Ice Fjord and Sermermiut Settlement

In the morning, take a non-stop flight from Keflavík International Airport to Ilulissat. The flight is in itself is an amazing experience since you cruise at low altitude over the Inland Ice Cap  before landing in Ilulissat.

Upon arrival, the driver will pick you up and take to the Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. The  guide from the local tourist office will meet you at the hotel and tell you about various available excursions and adventures you can experience on your own during your stay in Ilulissat.

Hike to the Ice Fjord and the deserted Sermermiut settlement 

1.5 kilometers south of Ilulissat, the historic town of Sermermiut is surrounded by stunning icebergs. The town was inhabited by many Inuit tribes for 4,000 years; now, you can still see the remnants that show their prior presence.

Learn about the Inuit culture and traditions prior to the arrival of Europeans in Greenland. View the ruins and experience the permafrost firsthand. Visitors frequently inquire if they can make these excursions on their own. Yes, it is the answer. However, in our experience, when hiking in Greenlandic environment for the first time, most people prefer to have a guide with them. Additionally, historical locations that can be challenging to locate on your own will be pointed out along the trip. Before heading back, you will stop for a coffee or tea break at "Kaellingeklften" with a stunning view of the Ice Fjord.

Welcome dinner and overnight at Hotel Arctic (D)

Day 2  : Ilulissat - Sailing Among the Icebergs

Today's morning is free to explore on your own or participate in a whale watching safari:

Whale Watching Safari (optional)

Getting near to enormous creatures like whales is a wonderful experience. In Greenland, there are 15 different types of whales. We typically see the humpback, common minke, and fin whales during the summer. During the summer, whales can be seen swimming throughout Disko Bay; they may pass by a town, an ice fjord, or an island up north called Arveprinsens Ejland.

With regard to the whales and their whereabouts, we communicate regularly by radio with the fishermen and hunters. The one we see the most frequently is the humpback, which has a distinctive fin.

In the afternoon, it's time to prepare for another optional excursion. The days are unusually long because of the midnight sun, and you'll have plenty of energy to explore and make the most of the day.

The sun never sets behind the horizon in the summer above the Arctic Circle, and sunny evenings is a wonderful experience. The midnight sun season in Ilulissat is considered from May 22 to July 24, although there are also exceptionally light evenings in August.

Sailing Among the Icebergs (included)

Nearly all visitors to Ilulissat decide to take this boat tour among the icebergs at least once while they are there. More than 40 million tonnes of ice flood into the fjord every day. The floating icebergs are enormous, sometimes measuring more than 100 meters in width and 100 meters in height above the ocean.

At the fjord's end, these enormous pieces of ice pile up, giving you the fantastic opportunity to sail among them. When visiting Ilulissat, do not pass up this wonderful opportunity. The icebergs are stunning in every condition; in the bright light, the contrasts are quite obvious; under the foggy sky, the blue hues are stunningly lovely; and at night, the midnight sun bestows a special glow on the icebergs.

A unique experience is taking the boat excursion on a starry night. If you forget to bring warm clothing, you can rent sealskin attire instead.

Overnight at hotel Arctic (B)

Day 3  : Calving Eqi Glacier

Today, you can explore the town of Ilulissat or go with us on a boat trip to the Eqi Glacier.

Full-day trip to the calving Eqi Glacier (included)

Only a few locations in Greenland are as gorgeous as the Eqi Glacier, which enters the fjord 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat. We will sail by boat very close to the glacier, and watch how huge pieces of ice break off. The sight of ice chunks crashing into the ocean is amazing, and the sounds are deafening.

During the trip to Eqi Glacier, we sail aboard contemporary, comfortable boats. The journey leads us north along the coast, past Bredebugt, Oqaatsut, and the vast Pakitsoq fjord system, where whales and seals are frequently seen.

Lunchtime and watch the ice calve

Later on in the journey, we cross the Ataa Strait, which is bordered by precipitous mountains with abundant bird life and waterfalls. We will wait for the glacier to calve for about two hours in front of it in our boats, which are reinforced for sailing in freezing seas. A delectable meal will be provided in the meanwhile. You will have the chance to thoroughly immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the boat ride across the ice-covered waters on this all-day tour. If you forget to bring warm clothing, you can rent sealskin attire instead.

Farewell dinner and overnight at Hotel Arctic (B, D)

Day 4  : Return to Iceland

Time to depart for Iceland after breakfast. Once you've had a few special days in this arctic paradise, it's time to return to Keflavk International Airport by plane. We promise that you will return home with more lasting memories from this trip than any other vacation you have ever taken. At least, that's what other visitors have told us.

As you lift off in the direction of Iceland, you will get one final glimpse of the enormous icebergs in the Ilulissat Ice Fjord with an incredible aerial perspective of the entire region.


  • Departure from Keflavík International Airport at 8:00 AM and arrival at Ilulissat 09:20 AM local time
  • Departure from Ilulissat at 10:05 AM and arrival at Keflavík International Airport 3:25 PM local time
  • This tour comes in two variations: 4 or 5 days. The programs and excursions on offer are the same but on the 5-day tour, you will have an extra day to relax or to try out other excursions.
  • We do not recommend this tour for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.