King Crab Safari

Min 2 Persons. Lunch included

“Rated one of the best 25 excursions in the World by National Geographic”
One of the highlights of Northern Norway with the chance to taste one of the local delicacies known worldwide. Heading out on the Kirkenes Fjord you will come face to face with this giant of the sea on the King Crab safari. The red king crab found in the Barents Sea can reach up to two meters from claw to claw and weigh up to 15 kilos. Depending on the weather and ice the trip might be by boat or snowmobile drawn sleigh. Once your king crab has been caught, you are transferred to remote cabin where the crab will be prepared for a delicious lunch. All equipment and clothing provided.

Well planned trip, highly recommended. We have just returned from our Scandinavia trip visiting the Scandinavian capitals and majestic Fjords. We were really impressed with how smoothly everything ran. We booked the the trip with Nordic Saga company and were not disappointed. A few people in our group who booked this tour through other agents were not as informed about all the details and what to expect as we were. Thank you Dora, for your patience with us. The itinerary provided was so detailed and thorough, it made it all so easy. All of the hotels were nice and conveniently located. We learned so much about each country and were treated to fantastic natural views. This was definitely a holiday to remember, I would definitely recommend this tour. Alma and Tom Greys
Alma and Tom Greys