Kirkenes Activities

King Crab Safari

Min 2 Persons. Lunch included

“Rated one of the best 25 excursions in the World by National Geographic”
One of the highlights of Northern Norway with the chance to taste one of the local delicacies known worldwide. Heading out on the Kirkenes Fjord you will come face to face with this giant of the sea on the King Crab safari. The red king crab found in the Barents Sea can reach up to two meters from claw to claw and weigh up to 15 kilos. Depending on the weather and ice the trip might be by boat or snowmobile drawn sleigh. Once your king crab has been caught, you are transferred to remote cabin where the crab will be prepared for a delicious lunch. All equipment and clothing provided.

3 - 4h

Visit The Snow Hotel

Dinner included
Enjoy a visit to the Snow Hotel and a delicious dinner in true northern style. 

Price: $ 210.00

Visit Snow Hotel, Dinner & Overnight In A Snow Igloo

Enjoy a visit to the Snow Hotel and a delicious dinner in true northern style. After dinner, for those who are game, there is also an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience and choose to stay in a Snow Igloo with its unique snow wall carvings and sculpted ice bed. Each bed has a mattress and thermal sleeping bags so you can sleep warmly while the room temperature will be-5 degrees Celsius.

Price: $ 390.00
Dear Alex, Wow! I never thought such a short trip to Russia could be that packed full of sightseeing and adventures! We loved every minute. Thanks for helping us hammer out all the details and also for smoothing over any concerns we had before leaving. You're very professional and I can tell you care a lot about your clients' happiness. Loved the Finnish crystal we picked up in Helsinki, and the shot of vodka was the perfect welcoming to Russia we were hoping for! Visiting St. Isaac's Cathedral and Catherine's Palace was remarkable. Places I've read about my whole life but never actually thought I'd get a chance to see them up close. Very cool. Our guides on the tour were friendly and patient, and since we had such a small group, we all were able to bond and I think a few friendships were made. Thanks for the great vacation to Russia, and I've already told my friends about you. Cheers, Russell Panch