August 27, 2014

Review about St. Petersburg Express by Margaret and Brian Daily

Rating: 5
Hi Dora, We really enjoyed our trip to St. Petersburg and wanted to thank you for your hard work. From Petergoff to the Hermitage, to simply shopping or walking down the street, we loved everything there was to see in St. Petersburg. We felt so fortunate to be there and couldn't get over the gorgeous detail in the impressive architecture all around us. While our stay was short, I feel we really got to see a lot with your company and we both appreciate how well put together it all was. The guide was great and the train ride was a lot of fun. Again, thanks for the time you put into making our Russian trip everything it was. We had the best time. - Margaret and Brian Daily
Margaret and Brian Daily

St. Petersburg Express

Travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in style on our St. Petersburg Express tour. Highlights include tours of St. Isaac's Cathedral, Hermitage, Pushkin, Catherine Palace, Amber Room, Petergoff, and a guided city tour through St. Petersburg. All of this and more will please visitors of all ages.