Midnight cruise to the Ice fjord

The midnight sun and the warm red colours reflecting in the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight. Cruise between the icebergs and enjoy a late drink on "the real rocks" ! This tour is guided and includes light refreshments.

Overall, the tour was enjoyable. The Kea Storm hotel was lovely and served all of our needs, especially the wonderful daily breakfast that was included. There were two downsides to our trip: 1. Gray Line Tours, the bus company that provided all roundtrip transport and tour guides for our daily journeys. Our tours included pickup and drop off at our hotel. What we were not told in advance was that Gray Line picked up passengers at hotels and then proceeded to drop us off at a central terminal, where we had to wait to board another bus that actually was the tour bus. The same thing took place on the trip back to the hotel. We wasted a lot of time in this double-transport effort. Had we known this, we would have opted for another tour company. 2. Our tours were pre-scheduled for us by Nordic Saga. We visited the Blue Lagoon on the last day of our tour and our plane was departing at 5:00 pm. By the time Gray Line got us to the Blue Lagoon, we had only about 90 minutes in the Blue Lagoon before we had to shower, get dressed, pack up and board a bus to the airport. This was very poor planning. On our second day of the trip, our city tour took place in the morning and we had nothing scheduled for the remainder of the day. It would have been much better if Nordic Saga scheduled the Blue Lagoon on that day so we could have enjoyed the water for many more hours. We could easily have taken the city tour on the last day and gone to the airport. As a result, we did not have nearly enough time at the Blue Lagoon.