Midnight cruise to the Ice fjord

The midnight sun and the warm red colours reflecting in the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight. Cruise between the icebergs and enjoy a late drink on "the real rocks" ! This tour is guided and includes light refreshments.

The tour guide was very knowledgeable although distant. I have only been on one tour before, many years ago and the guides were not as knowledgeable, but very friendly and involved with us. All our paperwork advised us and our tour guide advised us that the ice cave adventure cost 230 kroner, but when we went to pay, we were charged 240 kroner. Someone brought this to the guide's attention and he just shrugged his shoulders. People would probably have preferred a specific answer or and "I will look into this" response. More importantly, the most disappointing aspect was the lack of time at the Blue Lagoon. Our reservation was at 6:15 and we only arrived at 6:35. There was no reason why we could not have left the hotel at 5 rather than 5:30 PM. There had been free time for a few hours beforehand. Consequently, after an additional 10 minutes before someone came to let us in the experience was poorly organized, very short and led to a serious injury to one of our tour members. Her injury was directly related to rushing and poor organization, causing us to be lost within the facility and hurrying to meet up at the designated time. Additionally, I had read that we should wear flip flops or some sort of foot wear to prevent slippage and infection. The guide stressed how this was not necessary. I am happy that I wore my flip flops, but he injured individual did not. She slipped on the wet floor and broke her upper arm/shoulder as a direct consequence of this. A totally preventable accident. Had we had the extra half hour plus in the blue lagoon that we were expecting, it would have been a much more pleasant end to an amazing voyage. I am only mentioning these issues so they can be corrected/addressed for future reference. All in all it was a terrific experience. Thank you