Easy hike - The Dyrnæs Peninsula

A leisurely guided hike including a visit to a non-excavated Viking ruin, remains from the Inuit as well as the beautiful Arctic scenery. This hike is not that demanding and most clients with suitable hiking shoes will be able to participate. Light refreshments included.

Price: $ 80.00

By boat to the Inland Ice Cap

Guided tour by boat across the ice-filled Bredefjord to a fjord system northwest of Narsaq leading up to the impressive Twin Glaciers, where we go ashore on a small rock emerging from the glacier front. Here we will enjoy our packed lunch before continuing into another fjord with bird's cliffs and a big waterfall.

Price: $ 275.00

Hike to Kvanefjeld

We drive to the end of the road before beginning a medium grade hike to the mountain Kvanefjeldet which is famous for its great variety of minerals. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the area and discovery the rich diversity in flora and fauna whilst the guide will tell you about the previous and current plans for mining in this area.

Price: $ 140.00
Our guide and driver, Martina was exceptional. Completely flexible and accommodating. Her background and historical info on every stop was superb. Her energy and humor are remarkable. She has the gift of making every participant feel special. The van was OK, the hotels were OK but what made the tour special was Martina's enthusiasm and wit. All the young people, guys and gals, on the desk staff at the Natura were extremely helpful. They walked me thru some cell phone and communications issues with patience and understanding and never gave the impression they were too busy to help. I'm not sure the staff at a US hotel would have been as helpful. Since the Natura was my first and last nights the service was especially valuable.....Overall trip was well done...………….Tim Kane