Easy hike - The Dyrnæs Peninsula

A leisurely guided hike including a visit to a non-excavated Viking ruin, remains from the Inuit as well as the beautiful Arctic scenery. This hike is not that demanding and most clients with suitable hiking shoes will be able to participate. Light refreshments included.

Price: $ 80.00

By boat to the Inland Ice Cap

Guided tour by boat across the ice-filled Bredefjord to a fjord system northwest of Narsaq leading up to the impressive Twin Glaciers, where we go ashore on a small rock emerging from the glacier front. Here we will enjoy our packed lunch before continuing into another fjord with bird's cliffs and a big waterfall.

Price: $ 275.00

Hike to Kvanefjeld

We drive to the end of the road before beginning a medium grade hike to the mountain Kvanefjeldet which is famous for its great variety of minerals. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the area and discovery the rich diversity in flora and fauna whilst the guide will tell you about the previous and current plans for mining in this area.

Price: $ 140.00
Dear Dora, Thank you for your help with this Scandinavia trip! It was so exciting visiting four countries in just two weeks. We definitely benefited by booking through your tour company, since there would have been no way we could have seen that much on our own. Sometimes when you're unfamiliar with a foreign place, it isn't too difficult to plan your days just by doing internet research, but putting our trust in your hands and letting your company do the leg work was a sigh of relief for us. Leave it up to the professionals! You are good at what you do, and your passion truly shows. We enjoyed every part of the tour, especially the new food in each new place, and seeing the way the locals live. The people seemed the most friendly in Norway, maybe because they're used to all of the tourism with the gorgeous fjords... I still can't get over seeing those up close! Our hotels were nice, always in great locations and we felt well taken care of each night. Transportation was timely and comfortable, guides were knowledgable. Overall, this tour of Scandinavia was a job well done on your part. Cheers, Hannah McCarthy