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Original Finland Ski Border to Border 2024






$ 2,465.00 (Finland Route)


Mar 07, 2024 - Mar 13, 2024 
Mar 08, 2024 - Mar 14, 2024 
Mar 09, 2024 - Mar 15, 2024 
Mar 10, 2024 - Mar 16, 2024 


In 2024, Border to Border skiing will exceptionally be skied with smaller groups. The maximum size of the
groups will be 42-45 skiers per group. The groups travel by one bus, which is why we hope that the
participants will be in good skiing condition and have a brisk attitude. For longer ski days, there will be
separate shuttle buses to shorten potential waiting time for skiers.

The skiing distance is about 383 km / 238 miles.

Day 1  : Meeting in Oivanki

Meet Fellow Skiers

On the eve of the first day of skiing, all skiers will gather to the Oivanki in Kuusamo. At the
information session in the evening, you will receive instructions and tips for the upcoming ski week. At the same time, you can start getting to know your future skiing buddies! Skiers are served dinner and evening snack.

You can book accommodation in Oivanki even before the official program, if you want to get a feel for your skis in advance!

Options: This night is not included
Day 2  : Lake Suorajärvi - Ruka (12.4274 mi)

The first day of skiing starts with a hearty breakfast after enjoying Lake Suorajärvi, about 20 km from the Russian border. Day’s skiing is about 33km and it will end to Ruka, the accommodation is Scandic Rukahovi. The ski trip winds through Ruka's rugged landscape, where a hot soup lunch is also served.

Overnight at Scandic Rukahovi

Day 3  : Ruka - Taivalkoski (26.719 mi)

The second day of skiing is about 43 kilometers long and ends in Taivalkoski. Accommodation and meals are taken care of by Ruska. During the ski day you can enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and taste Särkelä's delicious salmon soup. In Taivalkoski, you can visit a shop and pharmacy, as they are only about 1.4 km away.

Overnight in Asuntonhotelli Ruska

Day 4  : Taivalkoski - Pikku-Syöte (36.0395 mi)

The third day of skiing is 58 kilometers long. Many skiers find the scenery particularly beautiful on the third day of skiing, as the route partly winds through the Syöte National Park. However, the last kilometers do not let the skier go easy, as at the end there is a climb to the Pikku-Syöte fell hotel. Lunch is served in the wilderness scenery of Pirinlampi.

Overnight in Pikku-Syote Hotel.

Day 5  : Pikku-Syöte - Ranua (54.6807 mi)

The fourth day of skiing measures the grit and fitness of a cross-country skier, as the total distance covered is a whopping 8–8kilometers. The skiing trip starts with a fast descent from Pikku-Syöte and ends with long swampy landscapes in Ranua.

Overnight at Gasthaus Ranua in Ranua.

Day 6  : Ruona (28.5831 mi)

The skiing day is 46 kilometers long, but after the last long day it can feel tough. On the fifth day of skiing, lunch is served at Ruona village hall/school. Accommodation is also arranged in Ruona that is legendary place among RR-skiers.

Overnight in Ruona.

Day 7  : Ranua - Kemi (37.2823 mi)

On the sixth day of skiing, the journey continues towards the Swedish border for a total of 60 kilometres. Lunch is served in Keminmaa. For accommodation, the group is transported to Kemi, where accommodation is provided in the nostalgic and cosy Hotel Merihovi. After the sauna and meals, a small restorative evening walk before the last day is probably in order.

Overnight in Hotel Merihovi.

Day 8  : Kemi - Tornio (34.1754 mi)

On the seventh and also the last day of skiing, there are 55 kilometers left. There are snacks waiting at the finish line and a sauna at the hotel. The last night in Tornio is spent in traditional style at Park Hotel Tornio, where you can also enjoy a dinner together. After dinner, there will be an evening party where prizes will be handed out and performances by skiers will be seen.

Overnight at Park Hotel Tornio

Day 9  : Departure from Oulu or Kuusamo

Today, after last skiing day, it's time to go home! Please remember that flights can be booked from Kemi at 9.00, from Oulu at 11.00 and from Kuusamo after 15.00 on the day of departure. See you next year!


*ski groups are 42-45 people
*skiers with good skiing skills and brisk attitude
*travel by one bus
*ski renals are available