September 12, 2014

Review about Classical Baltic Private Tour by Paul Lalor

Rating: 5
Dear Dora, Cindy and I went on your Classical Baltic tour from Vilnius a few months ago and loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed chatting with you beforehand while you told me about your experiences as a child in Vilnius. It's such a beautiful city, I thought of you and your wonderful stories while we were there. St. John's Church, the ancient Bell Tower, and Bernadine Garden were all really special places in Vilnius. I also couldn't get enough of the cepelinai. I think the food in Lithuania was my favorite. Everyone wouldn't stop talking about the pastries in Riga, but I wasn't a big fan myself; I enjoy heartier dishes. No real complains about any of the city tours, our guide seemed very knowledgeable about each region and he was easy to understand as his accent wasn't too thick. Thanks for all of your recommendations and for making this Baltic tour so incredible. We'll hold these memories close to our heart for years to come. - Paul Lalor
Paul Lalor

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