Qooroq Ice Fjord

The Greenland Ice Cap produces 250 millions tons of ice every year when icebergs break off the glaciers. Close to Narsarsuaq the Qooroq Glacier fills up the fjord with beautiful icebergs. We cruise between the icebergs and go as close to the calving glacier as possible. Here we turn off the engine to enjoy the silence only disturbed by the creaking ice. Guide service and light refreshments included.

We just finished a 12 days trip of Iceland and Greenland on boat OCEAN DIAMOND. This was a most impressive trip and the memories of it make you want to come back again and again. It combined sightseeing, whale watching, relaxing on the comfortable boat and many more . The scenery was like something from science fiction , the food and hospitality of the guides and boat crew was second to none. There were so many highlights during all this adventure! I'm so happy I booked this trip. Thank you Nordic Saga Tours for arranging all this for us so efficiently. Tracy K