Qooroq Ice Fjord

The Greenland Ice Cap produces 250 millions tons of ice every year when icebergs break off the glaciers. Close to Narsarsuaq the Qooroq Glacier fills up the fjord with beautiful icebergs. We cruise between the icebergs and go as close to the calving glacier as possible. Here we turn off the engine to enjoy the silence only disturbed by the creaking ice. Guide service and light refreshments included.

Hi Susie, I just want to thank you for making up such a marvelous itinerary for me to enjoy, in Iceland. I cannot believe how very beautiful the country is! The trip far exceeded my expectations. Such a pristine and unspoiled country, Iceland is. My favorite thing was the taste of the drinking water and the purity of the fish without any mercury or chemicals. I enjoyed my adventure around the lagoon glacier and had not expected to go down into the volcano. That was a bit scary but well worth doing. Now, I would like to commend Kari. He was wonderful and helped to make my trip so amazing. We had fun together and he helped me so much with everything. He made sure to give me all of the history of the country. Thank you for picking him as my guide. I even met his wife and daughter. He had very nice things to say about you. In summation, I just adored Iceland and it was well worth waiting to visit. All the best to you, Sue