October 09, 2014

Review about Natural Wonders of Greenland from Kangerlussuaq by Abby Portage

Rating: 5
Hi Bobby, We're back from our tour of Scandinavia and Russia. Wanted to reach out and say thanks again for making it such a successful trip. We loved getting to see all those different countries in only a week. The whole trip was highly organized and the guide we had was very professional. Other than the poor weather in Stockholm, it stayed sunny the majority of the time which we were both thankful for. There were so many things we loved in each city, but just being on those guided city tours was a lot of fun. I always enjoy learning about the history and culture of each new place I visit. It gives you a new perspective and you tend to appreciate your surroundings a bit more while you're there if you're actually familiar with it. Hotels were all in great locations and pick up times were always right on time. Thanks again for everything. I'd definitely recommend you for Russia and Scandinavian tours. Abby Portage
Abby Portage