September 15, 2014

Review about Grand Baltic Adventure by Isabel Morelli

Rating: 5
Dear Alex, Our Baltic trip back in May was a lot of fun and I wanted to write a thank you note to your company and also to you, personally! You're a great travel agent and I can tell you really care about your clients. You were always speedy with your email responses and kept us in the know every step of the way, even from across the world! Thanks so much, it definitely helped ease our minds. As for the tour itself, we had an amazing time and it's hard to pin down just a few favorite places as I feel they were all special in their own way. Our group was on the smaller side, with only 12 of us, but I was thankful for that! We passed a few really large groups and I was glad we didn't have quite so many people. It made the experience more personal and I think our guide appreciated herding around only a dozen of us, too. :) Speaking of our guide, Dahlia was delightful. Very bright, personable, and organized. Greatly appreciated by the whole group! I would definitely recommend you to friends hoping to visit the Baltics, and after showing off all of our photos, I think quite a few of them will be seriously considering it! :) Thanks again for an amazing vacation! Isabel Morelli
Isabel Morelli

Tour of Baltics Review

Baltic Lifestyle tour explores beautiful countryside manors and Baltic capitals.