January 08, 2018

Review about Baltic Metropoles by S Koblas

Rating: 4
We have just come back from our tour Baltic Metropoles. It was great! Thank you, East West Tours for arranging it for us. We traveled in a small group which was an excellent decision. Fellow travelers were lovely people, so we all had a good time together, especially as our guide Toma was a charming personality with a particular sense of humor and she was very passionate about her job. All places we visited were interesting. We loved the architecture of Riga exceptionally. The baroque churches in Vilnius were impressive. The countryside was also lovely - so quiet and natural. We would have loved to spend more time at the seaside but this we postponed to the next trip to the Baltics. Simona Koblas, Alabama - Simona Koblas, Alabama -
S Koblas

A very good trip

This seven day tour through the Baltics brings you to Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, and more! Tours include: St. Ann and Bernardines’ Church, Amber gallery-museum, Uzupis, the Gates of Dawn, St. John’s Church, Trakai. We will also see the Dome Cathedral, the Church of St. Peter, the old Guild Houses, the Swedish Gate.