30 December 2019

Scandinavian Capitals Tour

Our Scandinavian tour was just fantastic. We got to experience the best of this beautiful part of the world in a short period of time. It was a bit of everything – amazing nature, good food, beautiful cities…. Our guide was terrific with her friendliness, knowledge and enthusiasm. All the hotels were very comfortable and good European standard. Overall, it was great experience! Thank you Nordic saga for arranging it for us.  – Colleen

30 September 2014

Review of Scandinavia and Russia Tour

Hey Alex, Your help with this tour of Scandinavia was top notch. From beginning to end, you were on our side and helping us any way you could. We've never worked with a travel agent via the web, so I was skeptical, but you proved me wrong. Thanks for that. As for the trip, that was equally as incredible! Just reading the day to day activities online got our gears going and we were so excited about it. The timing was perfect for us, and every place we visited was somewhere we had never been before. I can't say enough great things about Erik, our wonderful guide.

29 September 2014

Review of Scandinavia Tour

Alex, Hi! Daniel and I wanted to reach out and thank you for the fun tour of Scandinavia we went on back in July. Everything went over so smoothly, it was almost hard to believe! The thought of taking a two week trip was scary for us in the beginning, but you were so good with us and made sure our concerns were taken care of and all of our questions were answered. The tour itself was wonderful. Seeing Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland in one trip was amazing! Don't get me wrong, we were definitely tired and a bit jet lagged here and there, but it was worth it. Only complaint would be the crummy weather for part of the trip, but there wasn't much that could be done about that! The sights were still beautiful, regardless.

19 December 2017

A very good tour

Iceland and Greenland – a very good tour I did a few tours in Iceland but this one was exceptional. My impressions are only positive. The guides were friendly and informative. All other service was efficient. Before this trip Nordic Saga Tours agents were extremely helpful both via email and over the phone and I was very confident in every detail. During the tour each and every activity was well-organized, interesting, and tremendously enjoyable. Greenland's wildlife was stunning as well as all Arctic life. It was very interesting to learn something about Inuit culture. Great photo opportunities, if you want to bring home a piece of these remarkable countries. I still see gigantic icebergs in my dreams.

04 August 2019

It was a fantastic trip.

Anne Knudson was an extraordinary guide. She gave us the full history of the sites we saw and she was a tremendous help finding information for me regarding my ancestors from Norway, and I was actually able to meet one of my cousins near our stop in Balestrand. She helped me prepare with all kinds of information. She was always careful to see we were informed, safe, on time, on schedule, and able to do the things we wanted to do. Extraordinary scenery, tours, stops, food, and free time was just right. – Sandra Fox-Sohner -

09 September 2014

Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation Cruise

Our expedition cruise circumnavigating Spitsbergen was just fantastic!. Nordic Saga Tours staff prepared us well  providing the information on all the details and giving excellent advice.

The cruising was exciting, and  the ship and its crew were excellent as well.

Our  cabin was big enough and light, the  mattress  soft , so sleep was never a problem. Food ranged from good to excellent.There was a lot of fish every day but   there was meat as well.

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -