15 September 2014

Tour of Baltics Review

Dear Alex, Our Baltic trip back in May was a lot of fun and I wanted to write a thank you note to your company and also to you, personally! You're a great travel agent and I can tell you really care about your clients. You were always speedy with your email responses and kept us in the know every step of the way, even from across the world! Thanks so much, it definitely helped ease our minds. As for the tour itself, we had an amazing time and it's hard to pin down just a few favorite places as I feel they were all special in their own way. Our group was on the smaller side, with only 12 of us, but I was thankful for that! We passed a few really large groups and I was glad we didn't have quite so many people.

21 August 2019

Good overall coverage of old towns in Capitals. Staying at Monor Houses good idea. Tour guide was helpful and attentive.

Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania: Baltic Lifestyle by BalticVision, departing 4 August 2019 – Malcolm and Janet Swanson -

09 September 2018

Thanks so much for recommending Baltic Lifestyle!

Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour. We did not do the nature walk, the bike ride or the walk on the beach however we felt that we didn't miss out on anything as there was so much to see in each area. The architecture was fantastic in the old towns of Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga. Having the tour in English and German was no problem at all and our guide Janis Liekmanis spoke perfect English as well as German and several other languages. He was very organized and knowledgeable. Most of our daily departure times were at 9 AM. which was excellent. Every one of us on the tour was on time. Attached are a few of the photos I took. Thanks so much for booking our tour. Frances Blake – Francis Blake -

26 July 2018

Baltic Lifestyle

It was a great tour. The tour leader, Janis, was probably the best I have had and I take a lot of tours. I took this particular tour as it was different from all the rest that I found which seemed to follow a set formula. It was great with walks in national parks and talking to the locals, not just a focus on cities. Some of the accommodations didn't have AC which normally would have been OK, but we were there during a heat wave. – Mary Kimball -

15 September 2014


Susie, My husband and I took a tour of the Baltic countries with Nordic Saga Tours last month and I wanted to let you know my thoughts! I felt all of the programs and city tours were really well organized, and our guide did a wonderful job of introducing each city to us in unique ways. From Vilnius, to Riga, to Tallinn, I found something new I loved in each location. While similar in many ways, they're also so very different and the history in each city is really interesting. We loved the Hill of Crosses, and the ferry trip to Curonian Spit National Park. Eating Lithuanian food like gira and cepelinai was fun, and so delicious! Old Riga Castle and the many boulevards and streets in that city were so picturesque.

15 September 2014

Amber Coast Baltic Tour Review

Dear Susie, Hello, hello! My hubby and I have returned from the incredible Baltic tour you arranged for us, and we can't thank you enough! We celebrated Brian's birthday while in Vilnius on the 3rd day, and it was such a special celebration. This might top all of his other birthdays! We decided to try the spa treatments that were offered that day, and I'm so glad we did! Relaxation while on vacation is all anyone really wants, right? The city tour that day was also enjoyable and informative.

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -