18 January 2023

Norway Winter Experience

Bobby, we are having a wonderful time in Norway. Kirkenes was beyond expectations. Today was a flight day. Dinner at a Norwegian hot spot, wonderful!!! Thank you Karen -- – Karen DeIlly -

09 July 2019

Terrific tour guide. Very informative and thoughtful in planning stops and group interactions. Learned so much.

Enjoyed every day immensely. Touring was very well paced and managed to include so much without fatigue. Theme of glaciers and volcanos was carried through effectively. Loved both the official tour stops as well as some impromptu activities. Group got along well and respected others in following the schedule. Although the pace was very relaxing, in the end it felt like twice as much time had passed based on all that we had done. I also discovered I’m in love with the Westman Islands for multiple reasons. Overall, a wonderful vacation. – Cck -

22 September 2014

Dear Susie, We have spent 11 beautiful days on our Scandinavian tour and wanted to reach out and say thanks. We couldn't have planned such a fun trip without your guidance. I've always wanted to see Copenhagen, so that was the highlight of the trip for me! I absolutely adore the biking scene there... I'd move there in a heartbeat just for that! Riding the Flam Railway was another highlight. So gorgeous. The Union Hotel in Geiranger was the best hotel, by far. Holy cow! I'd say our least favorite hotel was the Radisson BLU Plaza in Oslo. Our room was a bit outdated and I found a few stains here and there... Not a huge deal, but I think the hotel just needs some updating.

15 September 2014

Baltics Capitals

Hi Susie

Thank you for organizing all my trips.
The Baltics tour was very very good. Very well managed and organized.

The same for the St Petersburg- Helsinki trip. The tour guide and driver were awesome. I really liked the private tour.  I was a little apprehensive about the hotel in Russia. It was not 4 star and not what I am used to.
Other than that, Everything went off well. No issues. Even the weather cooperated.

Thank you once again.  


25 July 2018

Great Volcanoes and Glaciers Tour

We really enjoyed the tour that we were on. We did not have enough time at several of our stops to enjoy the full experience and the days were long, but I'm not sure what could be eliminated to free up some time--perhaps a couple of the beach visits. In any event, we are very pleased that we booked the tour and very satisfied with our experience in Iceland. – Doug Parrow -

28 February 2018

Baltic Sea Capitals Tour was a very enjoyable trip

Baltic Sea Capitals Tour was a very enjoyable trip. Well chosen itinerary, comfortable hotels and very professional guides. Our special compliments to guide Maria in St Petersburg. She is one of the best guides we have ever had. Thank you for this amazing trip! – Beata Wells -

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -