19 March 2020

Smooth tour and really nice guide

The entire tour went very smoothly. All instructions and directions on where to get picked up for the tours were clear and easy to follow. The hotels that were booked were all excellent and comfortable. Our guide Johann was very nice and kept the entire group on schedule. Bobby was great with all the bookings and returned my emails with excellent timing. Overall it was a great experience and I would book it through Nordic Saga again in the future. – Priscilla -

07 February 2020

Fabulous holiday

We have just got home from the trip to the Scandinavian Capitals. It was so interesting that we would like to do it again without hesitation. We did a lot of walking which requires good health and good shoes! This was not a laid back relaxing trip as we had to see so much. Our guide did a great job. All of the travel plans were very well organized and went on time. We especially like Bergen fjords and Vasa museum in Stockolm but other sites were marvelous as well. The accommodations were of good standard and a variety of food was offered. There was always something for every taste. We traveled in the middle of summer, so the weather was perfect. We met a few nice people who were wonderful travel companions.

05 June 2018

Scandinavia tour

Hi Alex, I hope all is well at the office. I just wanted to check in and let you know how much my wife and I appreciated your help planning the tour of Scandinavia we went on in July. Everything was totally hassle free and I'm glad we were able to put our trust in the hands of an expert, because we would have been completely lost without you! Everything was great, really. Our guide, Erik, was spectacular and so energetic. I don't know how he was able to keep up with our group and talk, talk, talk and never let it phase him. Very impressive. He made it worthwhile for us I think because he was so pleasant to be around each day.

17 January 2020

Thank you, thank you, Thank you.

Susie Mann, I can't put into words how much I value this trip. As you know I am 78, but what you don't know is I lived in Germany 6 years, Okinawa, Thailand, traveled extensively through the far east and Europe, lived every where in the US from Washington DC, to San Francisco, to New York, to Texas and several states in between, I was even in Rio during Carnival one year, plus Caribbean travel. . I am no stranger to travel I must admit due to personal finance problems that I caused my travel slowed down for several years. But, this trip was the most fantastic that I ever had. It revealed so much to me that I never knew. And for some reason I could relate to it all. Thank you so much.

31 December 2019

Just a few words about our trip to Scandinavia and Russia. It was very well organized: the guides terrific, hotels very good and the sightseeing program excatly as planned. Thank you Nordic Saga for your professionalism and hard work. Best regards, Jane

06 February 2018

Grand tour - good experience

Hi, Many thanks for arranging this grand tour for us. It was fantastic! Iceland is magnificient! All excursions were very interesting because of the fantastic nature and very knowledgebale guide. We loved also Norway. Fjords, panoramic train....St Petersburg was a big surprise! A very nice European city – unexpected. Guide Maria was outstanding. We look forward to our next year trip!- Alan -

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -