The Calving Glacier Eqi and Ataa

We cruise in front of the 5-km wide glacier for approx. one hour and hope for the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery”. Afterwards we continue to the former trading station and Inuit settlement Ataa where we will enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch including a glass of wine.

We went on Greenland Cruise from Iceland and will never forget this trip. We were stunned by the glaciers, fjords, whales amongst the icebergs and, the sound of the cracking ice...... stunning! The local people were absolutely amazing! It was a unique and extremely spectacular life experience. It was cold, though, so don't forget warm clothes! The trip was very well organised by Nordic Saga Tours and their local partners. We highly recommend Nordic Saga Tours and this particular tour. Do it before Greenland is flooded with tourists.... Tom and Benna