The Calving Glacier Eqi and Ataa

We cruise in front of the 5-km wide glacier for approx. one hour and hope for the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery”. Afterwards we continue to the former trading station and Inuit settlement Ataa where we will enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch including a glass of wine.

Hello Susie, Marvelous trip to Scandinavia in July... We had the time of our lives with the group. Fortunately for us, most of the guests were our age so we did a lot of bonding. Being able to take photos for each other in front of various landmarks and in front of the fjords was also really convenient. Everything went according to plan as far as the itinerary was concerned. All events requiring a ticket went over smoothly with little delays. Hotels were all cozy and in really nice locations. Staff was always accommodating. The Scandinavian food was interesting to try, and I especially liked the delicious herring in Sweden. Our guide, Jon, was fabulous! Very smart and attentive. I can tell he has years of experience helping large groups and learning about the history of each country. Ending in Russia was also really, really interesting. Thanks so much for everything. For anyone who wants to travel Scandinavia and a bit of Russia just for fun, I think this tour is the perfect combination! Sincerely, Rosa and Jaime Hernandez
Rosa and Jaime Hernandez