The Calving Glacier Eqi and Ataa

We cruise in front of the 5-km wide glacier for approx. one hour and hope for the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery”. Afterwards we continue to the former trading station and Inuit settlement Ataa where we will enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch including a glass of wine.

Hi Alex, This was a perfect introduction to Iceland Northern Lights and it wouldn't be possible without your help. We really had such a nice time exploring new territory. Iceland is somewhere I've wanted to go for years, so I'm happy it lived up to my expectations! The tour we went on was a lot of fun and we got to see so much! The south of Iceland is really beautiful. I particularly enjoyed bird watching. I read a lot about the birds of Iceland before my trip, so it was exciting being able to see them in action! The waterfalls were just stunning and the museums were really interesting. The Harpa up close was so amazing! Iceland is gorgeous... Thanks again for all your help. If I decide to visit again and maybe take a trip to Iceland and explore the north, I'll let you know. Thank you, Marlene Wills