The Icebergs of Sermermiut

By car as far as the road goes followed by an easy hike to a viewpoint from where the icebergs at the mouth of the UNESCO World Heritage designated Ice Fjord can be seen. Hot beverages included. Operates in winter.

Dear Susie, I would highly recommend this Scandinavia tour to anyone hoping to experience these countries. Your company was very professional and you were really helpful every step of the way. I usually make travel plans myself, so this was my first time going through an actual agent and company. I'm really glad I went that route because I was able to see so much in two weeks. Way more than I would have if I had done it myself. Everything was well organized on each tour, so no complaints there. Most things (like meals) were covered in the price of the tour so it was nice not having to worry about spending a lot of money each day. I especially liked the Radisson BLU Plaza Hotel in Oslo. Really clean, modern, and friendly staff. Thanks again, I had such a fun time on this Scandinavian tour! Betty Ulrich